Some Major Black Friday Deals Return

8bitfix writes: For some of you that may have missed out on Black Friday gaming deal, you'll be happy to learn that some great ones have returned. He's what I have unearthed.

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xtremexx2609d ago

im staying away from stores after what ive seen :D

Beatboxtaun2609d ago

I NEVER go shopping for Black Friday deals, until this year. It helped that the stores opened at midnight, or in some cases, at 9:00 the night prior. I walked in to Kmart, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and GameStop all starting at 7:00 AM and it was just like shopping on a Saturday. It was busy, but everyone was waiting in lines for the stores to open, that I was able to walk in and out.

cyclonus0072609d ago

Just bought Vanquish and Force Unleashed 2 Collectors Edition and only spent $13. Good times.

Beatboxtaun2609d ago

hah, I got those too! VERY good times. $2.99 for Brutal Legends! I picked up extras for my friends. I also snagged, Metroid: other M, Toy Story, Scribblenauts, BioShock 2 Limited Edition, and Gears of War Triple Pack. I had most of them already, but they will make some great gifts! I had BioShock 2, but have been wanting the Collector's Edition. FINALLY got it!

Vortex3D2609d ago

Both can only be ordered if one of your local stores have it in stock. No mail order.