New MMO Game Made With CryEngine 3 Called Project D

a new video has popped up randomly which shows us a real time concept movie of a new MMO game codenamed: Project D.

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Pandamobile2516d ago

What a shame it got cancelled. It looked pretty awesome.

xtremexx2516d ago

feel really sad now, it really looks great. hopefully copyright problems will be resolved and some other company picks it up.

zerocrossing2516d ago

This is why copyright really, really sucks sometimes, there's a difference between protecting your ideas and stunting growth.

TheKindRoost2516d ago

bloody hell! why do these ambitious mmo that has success written all over'em are always getting canned.

Lavalamp2516d ago

That was awesome! Reminds me a lot of Blade and Soul. It's a shame such a brilliant game has to suffer because of the stupid whims of company policy. I hope that this isn't the last we see of Project D!

blackbirdi2516d ago

squarenix go jump on it bitch

iNcRiMiNaTi2515d ago

I saw project D and I thought this was gonna be based on Initial D. I couldn't have been more wrong