Lead Developer at Bioware Says Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Is "Almost There" writes "Lead combat designer at Bioware Corey Gaspur has been working away feverishly to perfect the gameplay on Mass Effect 3 as the team get ready for their long awaited launch in 2012."

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DA_SHREDDER2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Does it have blind fire and a good story like ME1 yet? ME2 was one step forward, and two steps back if you ask me.

Vortex3D2570d ago

Maybe ME3 will be three steps forward and two steps back?

NukaCola2570d ago

Mass 1= 0(starting)

Mass 2(0) +1 -2 = -1

Mass 3(-1) +3 -2 =0

Mass 3 = Mass 1

3 = 1 = 3 1 = 0


The_Nameless_One2570d ago

I don't know man. I loved ME1 and didn't hate ME2 as much as other people. From what I've seen so far [gameplay wise] it seem Bioware struck a nice balance between 1 and 2. We'll all get to see where they took it come March.

As far as the coop, then I'm still unsure of it because I am not really sure how it's going to turn out. I was unsure about MP in AC but that turned out to be an interesting idea. Maybe the fact that the coop can impact the SP story then maybe it's going to have some sort of longevity to it. I just hope it won't turn out like a complete useless feature like with Dead Space 2.

Vortex3D2570d ago

Hopefully you have the extra 2 months to do deep testing and fix as many bugs as possible before it goes Gold.

Pikajew2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Only Nintendo does that. All other companies release a game with bugs and a patch a month later and Sony does a day one patch

BattleAxe2570d ago

Well since you can't play Mass effect 3 on a Nintendo system, you should leave Nintendo and their PS2 wannabe hardware out of this.

Pikajew2570d ago

I dont like Mass Effect. I play all multiplatform games on PC

BattleAxe2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Mass Effect lead developer says "Commander Shepard is playable in the game"....

urwifeminder2570d ago

Best new series for me this gen imo .

BoneIdle2569d ago

stunning series can't wait for 3, have played the co op its actualy quite good fun


it was the series I was hoping would be the best but MW1 was great but flawed and ME2 let me down badly.

I like just about anything sci-fy so was really hoping mass effect would be the one. anyway, Dead space 1 came out and that has taken my spot for favorite new IP this gen.