Modern Warfare has Star Power, Battlefield 3 has Staying Power

With a month passed and plenty of time to digest. Which multiplayer should you put your time into?

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fluffydelusions2518d ago

Modern Warfare 3 also has staying power but mainly till the next iteration of COD hits then everyone will move to that one.

FanboyPunisher2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

COD is the same shit

BF3 is new.

Out with the old in with the new.

Never again, will i ever be that fucking stupid; stupider than stupid, a fucking idiot.
Thats who i was when i kept buying COD, a stupid fucking idiot.
Not anymore, but theres alot of s.f.i.'s that need to be saved.

Save the idiots, prevent them from buying cod.
Enlighten them, that they are s.f.i's being exploited for profits; without any real value being given, just copy/pasted content/buildings; with DLC included on disc (that you need to pay extra for) lol, s.f.i's.

Even the company (IW) that made COD stopped making them because Acti fucked them (The founding team, now its just a mixmash of people who dont know wtf they are doing); just like they fuck their customers. Acti wants money, not happy customers given valuble content; they want to give as little for as much as possible.

ZippyZapper2518d ago

"COD is the same shit

BF3 is new."

How is it new? BC->BC2->BF3 all the same just like CoD.


mittwaffen2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

BS it is BC/BC2 are console games/ports they are in their own battlefield area; not in the same boat as BF 1942, Vietnam,BF2 , 2142, BF3.

BF 1942 > Vietnam > BF2 > 2142 > BF3

they havent reused engines WITH BF3; they rebuilt the game for BF3 without rehashing like how COD does.

gamingdroid2518d ago

I'm pretty darn sure BF4 will be the "same shit".

FourGees2517d ago

Not really. Black Ops is still #2 on most played Xbox Live games.(above Battlefield 3) Even Modern Wafare 3 is up there in the top 5.

Modern Warfare has both staying power and star power.

xxxAnubisxxx2518d ago

Both good games for different reasons

Focus2518d ago

staying power? CoD 4 has more players online right now than BFBC2!

Brosy2518d ago

COD sucks though. That is the difference.

Micro_Sony2518d ago

How is having fun sucking?

Just because a game is not 100% tactical that does not mean the game sucks.

MW3 for me was well worth the $60 and I have not had this much fun playing a FPS game since Half Life.

Drabent2517d ago

Players or Hackers sir?

KontryBoy7062517d ago

it has more hacked players online too

drsnobby2518d ago

MW3 will be played until the next COD comes out.look at black ops and the non-stop ride it still has after its release.look at how many gamers are playing MW3 compared to BF3.lets come back in 6 months and see what game is still in the top 10.if black ops is an indicator of staying power then MW3 is in for a long ride.

KontryBoy7062517d ago

people will still be playing BF JUST like they still play BC2 right now... Still.

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The story is too old to be commented.