Have Multiplayer Games Lost Their Focus?

Ian Fisher wrote: Hopping onto a PS2 to play some SOCOM online was something that was a breakthrough moment of sorts for gamers since they were able to game with people they didn’t know or play with a buddy that lived on the other side of the country. Good times were had on the PS2, Xbox, and PC and things were only enhanced as the years went on and with the eventual arrival of the PS3 and Xbox 360. But amidst the leaps in technology and maturity game designers had I’m of the mind that multiplayer gaming has lost its core focus: being fun to experience.

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ginsunuva2613d ago

Yeah now they're about points. Thanks a lot cod and your stupid fanbase of adhd-ridden children who like points and numbers.

PhantomT14122613d ago

Yep and I'm pretty disappointed Battlefield 3 went a bit the CoD way with lots of things to unlock. I don't have time to play this one game excessively considering my works, other hobbies and of course other games that released massively this holiday, and it justs exhausts me to having to unlock every gun and more importantly gadgets for my classes. As the author said, Battlefield 3 has already a deep gameplay to be mastered, this unlock system takes the focus away from it.