Six Stages of a Call of Duty Addict

Few game franchises have has as many hardcore devotees as Call of Duty. How did the series become so popular? How do regular unsuspecting gamers get transformed into CoD junkies? All it takes is six steps...

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Jackhass2518d ago

Dead on. I know from experience (unfortunately).

snipes1012517d ago

I refuse to use things that I find cheap. That one 3-round burst assault rifle, shotguns, akimbo, grenade launchers...I dont use any of it because I would just hate myself for it.

Besides, it makes the times you murder those cheap bastards more satisfying.

bozebo2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

this ^

I still love a good claymore though :P They were insanely OP in MW2 because of scavanger even though they were apparently nerfed from MW1 :/ (they in mw3? I've no intention of buying it so it doesn't matter anyway)

snipes1012517d ago

I dont know if you somehow tolerated MW2 you will probably like MW3. It is much better than 2.

Anyhow...the problem now isnt claymores...its the goddamn bouncing betties. You can throw them to plant them, so people will run away from you and toss them over their shoulder like a 1 hit grenade that kills in one blast. They're horrible.

iPad2517d ago

The Golden Rule is so spot on. It's okay when you drop shot, noobtube, use shotguns, camp, etc. But when others do it, you RAAAAAAAAAGEEEE!

Killzone3Helghast2517d ago

The first stage is that you play this crappy game in the first place(MW2, Blackops, MW3)

rezzah2517d ago

I play COD games made by IW for the story, MP is a fun bonus.

Any other COD, no matter how good the story may be on it's own, is terrible. Besides the overall gameplay lacks in comparison to the original COD.

I've liked COD before people got into it because of COD4, it seems the only reason why it was so famous is because of its MP. So people judge it based only on the MP alone. And for those who dislike the story are likely to dislike the MP because they seek negative perceptions ("Hollywood style action" or "over exaggerated reality") of the story to go along with their overall view of COD. This way it helps prevent any reason of enjoying any content on the disc at all, thus no reason to buy it.

Ignoring all CODs not developed by IW, the core gameplay is fun. Every COD after COD4 still have the elements of COD4 in them as the only thing that has changed is additions rather than subtractions of content (weapons, perks, etc). So rather than actually changing the fun gameplay mechanics they only added weapons.

However what people are really pissed about are the hacks and constant lags. Therefore in order to make COD as great as it once was in COD4 is for IW to make any Future COD by them have dedicated servers (and not the stupid hosting crap they have now because of Acivision's greedy arse).

bozebo2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

this ^

Dedis are the way to go for all FPSs. Console or PC, there should always be dedis.

CoD1 deffo still has the best campagin and one of the best campaigns in any FPS ever (up there with Halo:CE & HL1), 2 is great and 4 is also great.

Also, WaW was extremely good for a Treyarch attempt.

I would be a fan of the multiplayer after MW1 if they ditched the overpowered crap and the horrible maps in favour of refined gunplay and proper maps - but that isn't what the new customers want so it won't happen (Activision need their $$$ for shareholders or they will collapse). And also, that would result in the same multiplayer as MW1 lol.

lol, whoever disagrees clearly never complained about the lag or bad hit reg no? Dedis would fix that and would also allow glitchers/cheaters/trolls to be banned instantly.

3GenGames2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Thinking any of them since Call of Duty 4 are actually "good" games. That'd be the final stage. Or 1st fanboy stage.

Lol @ all the sheeple disagreeing. Get over yourselves, this game has sucked the last 3 re-releases. COD4 is the ultimate and all others are jokes of the FPS industry.

Siren302517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I think your the "sheeple" since you waste your time in articles about a game you care nothing about then get mad for getting disagree with when you say something stupid about it

Pixel_Enemy2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

I am sitting out on COD till they actually make a new game. None of this rehash shit. I don't have a problem with the franchise itself, they are fun games. I have a problem with Activision's business model of throw a new skin on the engine and call it new. "That will be $60 every year, not to mention the $60 worth of map packs we launch in between our annual rehash." They dig deep into your wallet and don't have enough content to justify the price. The people who do buy into it are clearly zombies that jump on the hype train. "All of my friends play it!"

I am just saving my money for a COD game that is on a new engine with a noticeable improvement to the franchise. It is just a shame that they probably wont make a new engine until the next gen hardware comes out and they are forced to.

3GenGames2517d ago

Exactly. If you need to keep the same game to keep people buying I won't be a tool for you to do so. This franchise honestly won't last the way it's going. It's Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero again, just more mainstream. That just makes the failure when it happens even bigger though so no big deal, it's time will come.

death2smoochie2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Exactly. I have played it for hours and it is exactly like MW2. That might piss off many people on this site with me saying this however the game is nothing more than an expansion pack that is dressed up as a full retail game costing $60

flyinrhyno2515d ago

Your missing out, i dont condone buying something because everyone else does but you should try something and form your own opinion

Pixel_Enemy2515d ago

I have tried it and it is just like COD4, World at War, MW2 and Black OPS. I have owned them all and trust me when I say that I am not missing out on anything by skipping MW3.

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TopDudeMan2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Lol... number 3 is hilarious. I am so sick of campers. You'd think they'd have learned how to not play the game like a total bitch by now after all these years, but you still get em from time to time.

My advice if you wanna avoid campers? Don't play team deathmatch.

flyinrhyno2515d ago

Play Kill Confirmed, alot like team deathmatch but they have to come out if they wanna win plus the dogtags make a good way to lure people out

Brownghost2517d ago

so true but why does ign try to look like they hate COD when they gave it a 9 and love it to death