Why Halo still matters more than Battlefield and Call of Duty

OXM UK: Of all the long-running shooter franchises, Microsoft's flagship series has aged the least.

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Focus2516d ago

You are just asking for it with this article.
N4G, pro Xbox 360, pro Halo, anti CoD, anti Battlefield, xbox site.
Recipe for massive flames.

fluffydelusions2516d ago

Agreed. Play whatever you love but articles like this are just asking for hits and starting flame wars.

pangitkqb2516d ago

I think Halo is great, but this article is wrong. Money and brand name are now more in favor of other series. Just the number a, not preference.

BreakNeckSpeed2516d ago

"N4G, pro Xbox 360, pro Halo, anti CoD, anti Battlefield, xbox site. "

How rich :L

Since when was N4PS3 a pro xbox 360 site? It's filled with Sony crybabies.

Focus2516d ago

I meant that the article was pro xbox 360 and so that means it will get attacked. Keep up

Laxman2516d ago

Nah dude, there are still a lot of CoD lovers and Halo haters on here. More Halo haters than pretty much everything else actually, as its the 'coolest' series to hate due to its exclustivity and popularity to the Xbox 360, while N4G is prominently PS3-heavy.

-Alpha2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I do not think Halo matters anymore, and the best proof is looking at how much MS has shifted towards COD

Halo was fantastic when it first debuted and I will always love Combat Evolved. Halo 2 on the original Xbox really built a foundation, and Halo 3 solidified the Xbox brand alongside LIVE, but looking forward, I don't think Halo will be that important because it neither needs to or will carry the Xbox like it used to.

And if Halo 4 is really coming to the Xbox 360, then I do not foresee strong enough changes to the formula to revolutionize anything, both to the SP and MP. Next gen, maybe Halo will evolve into something much different, but even so, the genre is now saturated with other top tier multiplayer shooters. Today, Halo no longer has the distinction, but it certainly stands alongside the other shooters.

Micro_Sony2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

"I do not think Halo matters anymore, and the best proof is looking at how much MS has shifted towards COD "

If you mean Halo does not matter to MS then I disagree because MS took the initiative to put together a studio with an all-star development team (wiki 345i). This studio was put together for one reason to make Halo, now if MS did not care about Halo then why would they spend so much money on a studio?

If you mean Halo does not matter to gamers then I strongly disagree because the sales figures for Reach was in the millions and the online activity for Reach is still in the Top 10.

If you mean Halo does not matter anymore in sense on innovating the gaming industry then I agree 50% becuase Reach did not do anything that was not done already, but then again what games has contributed in last 3 years in terms of innovation? Graphics yes but I would not call that innovation but more eye candy.

"And if Halo 4 is really coming to the Xbox 360, then I do not foresee strong enough changes to the formula to revolutionize anything"

Dont be too quick to judge before we actually see some game play - like I said alot of talent from great studios including PANDEMIC (RIP) is in 345 so expectet the unexpected because Bungie is not making Halo 4.

I am not the biggest Halo fan as I have only played H3 and Reach but Halo still matters to MS and Gamers.

Edit: Sorry about the typos - writing this from my PS3 with a controller.

mcstorm2516d ago

I have to agree with you here. But halo is ms big name like Sonys gt and Nintendo Mario its the one game people think of first on each console and the sales speak for them selfs. I dont think cod has made much of a dent on halo sales as if you look at just the sales numbers for cod on the 360 and for halo there are about the same.

SixZeroFour2516d ago

just a small correction, its 343i, not 345...other than that, i dont see anything too much to debate with regarding your opinion

Sub4Dis2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

correlation is NOT causation.

MS didn't "shift" towards anything. they are trying to maximize profits by catering to a large audience. they don't favor cod over halo...they favor them both when the timing is convenient for the sake of moving units.

"And if Halo 4 is really coming to the Xbox 360, then I do not foresee strong enough changes to the formula to revolutionize anything"

why is halo so obligated to make "changes to the formula" when we keep giving GOTY to games that, not only don't change anything, but basically stole every idea they have from previous games n movies?

-Alpha2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

The focus towards COD exclusivity tells me that MS knows that COD is a bigger franchise and they are doing their best to promote it on their console, as if it's an exclusive.

Halo's popularity has dwindled considerably. MS has definitely shifted from one, megaton exclusive towards promoting their console as a product featured around XBL. With that, COD is the larger-than-life super game that they are attracted to. Their most recent business attitude about promoting gaming past gamers fits perfectly with COD. COD is now the large piece of profit pie that is not only making them sales, but a ton of post-launch content via LIVE fees and DLC.

Halo is not obligated to change the formula, but the article mentioned Halo's importance today, and it's clear from Reach that not enough was done to make Reach stick out as a more important or special game over the sea of other shooters we have today.

And even so, Halo does not differentiate much from its competitors anymore because the competition is saturated. I do not expect any shooter to really break the walls down, except for the next Half Life.

You cannot simply expect Halo 4 to release, keep much of the same, and then expect it to be more important than the other shooters on the market. The topic here is importance, the genre is shooters. The quest to differentiate Halo as the most important isn't going to fly as easily anymore

SixZeroFour2516d ago

alpha...could it be that ms' "focus" towards CoD is only apparent because they have the chance to show their "focus" more considering it gets released every year?, i mean if halo and cod were always released around the same time and every year, only then would we see which would get more attention regarding marketing and advertising...and from a business stand point, if this scenerio ever happened (and i hope it doesnt with halo, kinda getting close) i would asssume the "focus" would lean more towards halo since its their first party and would get more of their profits from it

how the public would react to it is a different matter

drsnobby2516d ago

lets be clear that the title of this article is misleading,but halo will always be the corner stone of 1st person shooters for inspired many developers to bring there shooter to consoles.the halo franchise introduced matchmaking to console shooters,and still has a very large online community to this day.this is one of the games that put MLG on the map.imagine if halo not existed.halo still matters but not more than its counterparts.

kikizoo2516d ago

Unreal tournament say hello..

halo is just a clone.

spicelicka2516d ago

Actually that's not true at all. Microsoft may have increased focus on COD, but that's only because it's another popular game on their console so why shouldn't they capitalize on that?
It has not shifted any focus off halo because let's be realistic, after halo 3, they had odst released, then reach, and now anniversary, and all you have to do is look at the marketing for halo reach to realize how huge the franchise is to them.

It just seems like they're shifting focus because last gen halo was THE only online game across all systems that was insanely popular. It was only a matter of time before another game caught up, like COD, but it doesn't mean they can't focus on both. The reason COD is so popular is because its on every platform and even little kids play it. And since its most popular on xbox360, it just means money for microsoft so they're capitalizing on that.

enfestid2516d ago

I don't even know where to begin with this comment.

Microsoft is promoting what sells. And what sells includes both Call of Duty and Halo. The difference is Call of Duty is released on an annual schedule, so of course they're going to promote things like the massive flow of map packs and the like that Activision release.

To say that Microsoft doesn't need Halo to succeed is, to put it bluntly, stupid. Microsoft needs Halo to succeed just like Nintendo needs Mario to succeed. And the fact that they've spent millions of dollars creating an entirely new studio from the ground-up, and recruiting some of the best talent in the industry to that studio is evidence enough of that. Microsoft has started a massive brand with Halo, including all standard the games (Halo 1 to Halo 3 and Reach) and spin-offs (ODST and Wars), books, merchandise, and a web portal on the 360 dedicated solely to the series. No other series has a web portal on any console just for promoting their franchise (Call of Duty has Elite, but that's a different kind of platform).

The idea that just because Call of Duty is successful means Microsoft is shifting its focus towards it is silly. For one, Call of Duty will meet its inevitable death in the hands of Activision, just like Guitar Hero did (and Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on promoting that title, too). Microsoft is curating Halo for the long-run. Third-party franchises will never have the first-party emphasis that their own exclusive titles do.

Your throwing a lot of statements out there about the marketplace and doing nothing to back them up.

StrongMan2516d ago

You think COD will "meet its inevitable death" but Halo will be in it "for the long run". Please explain.

enfestid2516d ago

@StrongMan: Pretty sure I just did that in my post.

Halo is the biggest first-party franchise for Microsoft. It's their equivalent of Mario. They're doing everything they can do expand the franchise into new areas and provide new experiences (see: Halo Waypoint).

Call of Duty, meanwhile, has done almost nothing new since the first Modern Warfare title. Activision is seeing stiffer competition from titles that are actually moving gameplay forward, unlike Call of Duty. The same thing happened with Guitar Hero. Tell me: what do you think Activision is going to do for the next generation of consoles with Call of Duty? They have an aging engine and aging gameplay.

I'm not saying it's going to happen overnight. But Halo is more poised for the long haul than Call of Duty. They're not over-saturating the market with Halo titles, but at the same time they're not being complacent.

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tdogchristy902516d ago

As someone who grew up with halo, it does have a special place in my heart. That said, I find it hard to believe it'll keep that same spark over yet another trilogy. This second trilogy I find worrying. They should have just started a new story within the universe instead of milking the chief. Stretching it out like this does really worry me. Beating a dead horse tends to cause problems. Look at Jordan and favre, they kind of over did it by never properly retiring. They should have left him alone!!!

Sub4Dis2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Halo 4 IS a new story within the universe....

tdogchristy902516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

You're mistaken. It still involved the chief and picks up exactly where 3 left off. Spanning the exact same story over 6 games is worrisome that they'll ruin what make the first trilogy so's like them trying to make a mgs5.....know when to leave a franchise be and don't destroy what made it great by not knowing when to quit.

That's what I hate about media, instead of knowing when to quit and letting greatness be greatness they just keep pushing it till there is nothing left. All for the all mighty dollar. Leave the greatness alone lol.

Sand lot 2 and crystal skulls.....enough said.

Virus2012516d ago


How does it pick up where Halo 3 left off?
Have you watched any interviews?

They said it's going to be a new story and a new trilogy (The Reclaimer Trilogy). If you played Halo 3 (SPOILERS!!!!) you would know that the piece of the ship where Master Chief was broke off and now MC is just floating in space. Everyone else (with the Arbiter and the Elites) is now living on earth happily ever after now the the covenant is gone.

ThatIrishGamer2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Halo actual gameplay hasn't changed since the first.

Other than the fact they added sprint to the latest one lol. Well done on that astounding innovation. :D

morganfell2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Your remark is a banner which clearly marks how little you know concerning HALO.

Sprint is an Armor ability along with Recon, Jet Pack, Lockdown, etc. These require careful choices in MP across varied game types and maps.

Stating that Sprint is the only thing they have done presents no argument for your case and in fact you belittle yourself with such uninformed comments.

Anyone that has played Reach realizes how far the franchise has come and the fact that game is more closely allied with the novels is such a positive move that it only bodes well for HALO4.

All one need do is read the book Glasslands by Karen Traviss to understand that the defeat of the Prophets was hardly the end of the story. Not even close.

The creation of HALO Waypoint, a web/console facility that is free and so far beyond anything offered by COD Elite that I have to laugh out loud and my idiocy in purchasing the Hardened Edition in the first place. With HALO Atlas coming soon things will only continue to improve the community.

Am I a huge fan of HALO? My copies of every HALO Collectors/Legendary Edition says yes. The fact I have played more HALO MP than any other series says yes. "My Other Car is a Warthog" license plate holder on my UNSC Green Xterra says yes. And a thousand other HALO related items I have say yes.

But I can also be objective about the game and I know that it has some things on which it can improve. Acting as if the storyline is played out is cause for good laughter this morning. I for one, along with a legion of HALO fans, old and those in the wings waiting, anticipate HALO 4.

ThatIrishGamer2516d ago

So basically. As I said. Actual Gameplay wise....pretty much just sprint is new :D

Hands Up For Games2516d ago

What have you done with the real morganfell? ;-)

StrongMan2516d ago

Morganfell just basically said that the only thing added to the game play was sprint, just like aaronon said.

Diver2515d ago

dude if you think thats what morgan said then you need to read again. he laid out that sprint was an armor ability along with other armor abilities. he didnt say it was the only thing added. youre one of them no 360 owning gamers. an it shows real clearly.

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Virus2012516d ago

No game changes drastically in gameplay from it's predecessor.

Halo 2,3,Reach
Uncharted 2,3
Resistance 2,3 (well part 2 changed and everyone hated that change)
Gears 2,3
Killzone 3
Grand Theft Auto Vice City,SA,4
Starcraft 2
Diablo 2,3
All sports games
and almost every other sequel etc.

You can't fix what isn't broken. If people love those games the way they are, why would they change it and piss everyone off.

Bungie has kept the winning formula while also adding new features that will keep their fans happy.

Halo 2: Dual Wield, Sword, Vehicle hijack, Regenerating Health, Xbox live Matchmaking, Rocket Launcher locks on vehicles, and some more that I can't remember right now.

Halo 3: Forge, Deployable turrets, Equipments, Support weapons, Theater...

Halo Reach: Loadouts, Armor Abilities...

dark-hollow2516d ago

besides cod, halo is most successful fps on consoles.

ZippyZapper2516d ago

The game Sony wishes they had and tries to copy. The game that doubles the sales of any game on the PS3.

blackburn102516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

You mean like the GT series and Forza. You mean like their most recent game that only now crawled past a million units? That Microsoft and Turn 10 wishes that they had such a faithful following as the GT one? The series that sold 8 million units while 360 fanboys stated that it would only sell 500k because people only want shooters? The series Turn 10 tried to diss and downplay? You mean like that?

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