GTA 5 to innovate or duplicate

InEntertainment writes: When it comes to pulling off something special with Grand Theft Auto V you can be sure Rockstar are certainly well equipped for the job, although we wonder if their mission will be to focus more on innovation or duplication.

You cannot deny there is success in duplicating past success in games, you only need to look at Call of Duty games to see one of the most successful examples of resampling.

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BlmThug2521d ago

Innovate definitely if the trailer is anything to go by

danswayuk2521d ago

I get tired of games repeating too much from previous titles, the money made by games these days should lead to a lot more innovation.

C_Menz2521d ago

How so? Same city and same gameplay. Only thing different is the graphics and a few new cars/weapons.

Nitrowolf22521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I'm sorry but there is really nothing to know that is innovating from that trailer. Graphics are better i'll agree with that, but it's nothing we haven't seen. It's not like

Maybe over GTA4, but from what i think it'll play more like GTA: SA, which is just duplicating. IDK what innovating thing a sandbox game like GTA can really do from here on out. Graphics will get better, but until I see what they have done with the gameplay, driving and such I can't really be sure you can call something innovating just from a trailer that was all scripted to play out like it was with no gameplay (though it was probably in-game).

I hope they do something with the sidemissions. After playing Skyrim I will never look at any other open world game the same.

Ramses32521d ago

This game is everything the western world loves: gun violence, fast cars and rap music.
Will definitely buy :)

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showtimefolks2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

all i will say is every time we question RS they just out do our expections, so sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope this time we get a story where you can fail missions and the story moves forward instead if doing it all over again.

side missions
activities bowling,pool,darts etc
bring back BMX bikes please

also you sitting on cash cow. Release a GTA HD collection that includes:

GTA3,VC,SA,VC stories and SA stories along with over the top view early gta games in one package for either 59.99 or 69.99. Do that before the release of GTA 5 i bet if the collection is made it can sell 5 million easy


you see my friend innovation is something we all want in gaming but its not something that will make the experience better in any way. Just because something is innovating doesn't mean its gonna be fun.

RS knows how to do the missions just go play some side activities in RED dead some of the activities are long missions by themself along with a lot of fun stuff to do

MizTv2521d ago

anything will b better than 4 to me

Basjohn2521d ago

GTA4 was a massive let down for me. The only good part was the character depth, otherwise the city felt dull and all the fun was drained out of it. Recently played SR3 and to be honest? It's better than any GTA I've ever played in every respect aside from the slightly more limited radio stations.

I don't know if GTA 5 can actually compete in sheer fun (and that's all that really counts people) but it'll have a decent shot if they go back to San Andreas/Vice City's rule book and pretend like 4 never happened.

Zachmo1822521d ago

Did you just say Saints Row 3 is better then any GTA game... I'm sorry that really made me lol. SR3 fucking sucks.

Micro_Sony2521d ago

He was talking about the fun factor.

GTA story and charaters is what makes GTA 4 shine but like the above people said it was not fun and felt more like you were force to do chores.

GTA4 was the first game that I ever went to a midnight launch for and the first GTA game that I did not complete.

After I met packy I had to turn it off becuase the mission were starting to feel repetitive, pick person up, drive to point B kill someone drive back to point A.

What was the point of getting money when the stores that they had were [email protected]

NYC_Gamer2521d ago

R* will innovate and change how people view the sandbox genre.

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