The Elder Scrolls VI: What I Want

The Great Gaming Crusade: "Bethesda’s latest entry into the Elder Scrolls universe has been out for a little over two weeks now. Like most, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this game; the adventure, the story, the shouts, the combat, and most of all, the leveling system. However, like most, I have also been extremely frustrated with the many glitches that plague this great game. Needless to say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is far from perfect. Could it be perfect? Probably not. No game can in my opinion. Can it be a little closer? Absolutely, and here are a few of my thoughts on how it could take those few extra steps closer to perfection. Keep in mind that these are not suggestions on the glitches, since those are unintentional. These are suggestions to Bethesda on gameplay decisions that may help to add that little extra bit of fun to an already great game."

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admiralthrawn872570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

how about a true upgrade this time. you know, the difference between daggerfall and morrowind, the difference between morrowind and oblivion (albeit some steps backwards)

and how about a true RPG this time. god of war is nearly as much of an rpg as skyrim, "pick between health stamina and magic, and choose the types of perks you wanna focus on while the game levels up as you play" and now hack n' slash to win because those perks and skills barely make a difference in such an easy ass game

wallis2570d ago

To be fair they wanted to wait until a new set of consoles came out but the current generation are really dragging out their welcome.

Also elder scrolls isn't about being an rpg, it's about the world and the environment. The developers were always up front about this. As technology increased it's allowed them to represent aspects of character creation in more real life ways rather than having to use stats to represent certian traits.

And if it's not easy enough ramp up the difficulty. I find the combat pretty enjoyable and the perks, whilst not as mind blowing as I would have liked, a more efficient way of conveying new abilities. Instead of having to jump 8000 times to be able to do a forward roll now you just spend a perk point in the light armour category instead.

I don't play elder scrolls for an amazing stats based rpg experience, I play it for the world. It moves and lives without you and is squeezing at the sides with raw enjoyable content. Also, how was oblivion and morrowing NOT hack 'n' slash until you win? In oblivion you'd spend twenty damn minutes hitting what felt like a rubber sword into a rubber body.

papashango2570d ago


so is that a rant or is that what you really want? You realize oblivion and skyrim were released during the same gen right?

daggerfall and morrowind were many many gens apart on pc.

and you really think you're going to see anything different when it sold 3.2 million in its first two days? If anything expect it to go through the same bs "anyone can pick it up and play" that most IP's are now doing.

What I'm trying to say is. Don't expect VI to compare with the older TES's or even Skyrim.

Bleucrunch2570d ago

Elder Scrolls VI.....omg lets finish V first...omg we gamers are soooo gimme gimme gimme.

TheDareDevil2570d ago

Agreed. It's not even a month and hear we are talking about Elder Scrolls VI. I think this is Bethesda's last game this gen. Next-Gen we'll get Fallout 4 and then Elder Scrolls:VI.

wampdog292570d ago

Wow... because it's SOOO bad to throw out in an article what we'd like to see for the next game. Jesus.

SamuraiZero2569d ago

I guess we shouldn't look towards the future or see the flaws in things while still enjoying what we have at the time. Real enlightened thought process you have.

Bleucrunch2568d ago

@wampdog29 and @ do realize the game is not even a month old and you are already talking about the next elder scrolls game?? Lets play through the entire game first and through the DLC and then you can start to seriously talk about it....lets just have some educated thought and reason here.

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Reibooi2570d ago

The only thing I truly want to see and this should be very reasonable considering the next TES will most likley be next gen is MUCH better animations. The improved the graphics quite a bit this time around but the animation while mildly improved is still pretty bad.

Aside from that however I'm extremely happy with Skyrim.

bobrea2570d ago

What I want is god people who write articles like this to jump off a bridge. Bethesda just released one of the best games of the year and gore already writing articles saying that you want more, more, more. There's no reason for this article to exist yet.

wampdog292570d ago

Game of the Year???? LOLOL don't make me laugh. The game sucked.

bobrea2570d ago

You seem to be a little defensive of the fact that the article you submitted is getting shit on in the comments section. I'm not sure if you're the one who wrote it, but when your article says you "fell head over heels in love" with the game, and then you say that it sucks in the comments, it makes you come across as a flip-flopping, over defensive douchebag.

wampdog292570d ago

@ bobrea.... LOL kind of like you just did? You're not sure if I'm the one who wrote the article, yet I said the game SUCKS which would obviously mean I didn't write the article. Now, YOU sound defensive once I say the game sucks.... doesn't make much sense to me Mr. Flip Flopper...

Chuk52570d ago

Damn people, finish your breakfast.