The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Enhanced Distant Textures is a must-have mod

DSOGaming writes: "It’s really funny how Skyrim suffers from the same issues that plagued Oblivion. As you may remember, one of them was the blurry textures in the distant landscapes and back then, modder Qarl released a texture pack that enhanced those distant textures. Bethesda tried to fix most of them in Skyrim, but you will still be able to notice some low-res textures in some panoramic views. Good news then that modder OpticShooter decided to release a mod that enhances Skyrim’s distant textures."

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bobrea2518d ago

Nice, ill have to download this one for sure.

HSx92518d ago

This will heavily impact performance, I'll say a 10 fps drop to be the least, so make sure you have a powerful computer.

john22518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

On the contrary, these distant textures won't impact your performance ;)

bobrea2518d ago

I have a powerful computer, so I'm not too worried about it.

bozebo2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Game is thoroughly shader capped on most systems.

Higher resolution textures shouldn't cause any issues for most people. It might give you a 10fps drop if say, you are already getting 100fps lol.

inveni02518d ago

This looks worse, imo. It's just "busier". There doesn't seem to be much extra detail...just the illusion of detail.

I'll wait for a proper draw distance mod.

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jthamind2518d ago

i just downloaded and installed the mod, and i had no performance impact at all. the visual impact, though, is definitely noticeable.

very good mod, i'd consider it a must have if you're looking to improve the visuals.

admiralthrawn872518d ago

that screenshot makes it just appear to be more speckled with white all over, i kind of dont like it. but i'll have to download to see it first hand

Mista T2518d ago

doesn't really look like it's a big difference only a little, but when you're in the game these little details really don't matter

iamgoatman2518d ago

I remember a similar mod for Oblivion that had a similar effect, helped quite a bit. This on the other hand looks pretty awful, way too much noise.

john22518d ago

You're speaking about Qarl's distant textures (in Oblivion). Qarl's textures had higher normal mapping than they should and resulted in some awkward scenes.

As for this mod, OpticShooter has included in this pack a version that has lower noise, so you might want to try that version ;)

iamgoatman2518d ago

Nope, I was on about the landscape LOD replacement mod by shaja.

It's good to hear it has a less noisy version, but think I'll stick to the vanilla version for now.