Amazon Black Friday Video Game Deals Continue

"The Amazon Black Friday - Cyber Monday Video Game Deals are re-stocked and continue through this weekend!"

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ShadowDarkStorm2516d ago

I haven't been too impressed with Amazon's video game deals compared to what others have been offering. They have had some great lightening deals, but those have been impossible to get.

Dakidog2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Almost, I managed to snag Madden 12 and Fifa 12 while on a line outside of Bestbuy friday night...though I did miss Arkham City 100% claimed in less than 5 mins(it prepared me for the other 2 lol)!

Edit I did end up getting Bm:Ac in Bestbuy though.

BoNeSaW232516d ago

I just need Ratchet&Clank: All 4 One at half price and my game shopping will be over, phewwwww!

guitarded772516d ago

My shopping has ended... I spent way too much.

Dark Souls
Resistance 3
Forza 4
Goldeneye 007
Driver San Francisco
Dead Island
Dirt 3
Need 4 Speed Hot Persuit
Alice Madness

I already had everything else I wanted... was hoping for a new headset, but I didn't see any deals I liked.

BoNeSaW232516d ago

All those are great games.
I picked up Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Rayman Origins, and FFXIII.

Kinda strange though,I'm the most excited for Rayman Origins. I can't wait for some 4 Player action with my boys! :)

Yomaster2516d ago

Scored an Xbox Live 3 month for $12 and a Kinect wall mount for $11. Awesome deals here. Would've bought more if I had the money.

Yomaster2515d ago

TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!!!! Some asshole is going aound clicking "Disagree" for fun. So, agrees for everyone! :-D

C_Menz2516d ago

I snagged Tropica 4 from Amazon for $12 the other day and was quite pleased.

KidMakeshift2516d ago

Is there any good gaming headsets for sale? I notice a few on their Black Friday page but I'm skeptical. I would love to have a 7.1 gaming headset that is both PS3 and 360 compatible.