Skyward Sword should've given us control of its controls

Destructoid: "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released today, and the game is already buzzing with controversy. Specifically, some reviewers and players are insisting that the game's motion controls are fantastic while others are reporting that they are "clunky" and intermittently unresponsive. That's part of the reason why I gave the game a 9.5, though I personally felt that the game's controls were just about perfect. I thought that Nintendo was going to potentially alienate a lot of players by preventing them from playing the game with standard controls. By definition, a perfect game does not alienate fans.

I caught some flack for expressing that idea, but I'm not surprised. People have a right to be confused or even annoyed by that point, as I didn't have the space to really flesh out my reasoning in the review. For that reason, I threw together this addendum to fully explain why it was a mistake to force motion controls on players with Skyward Sword."

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ZombieAssassin2516d ago

I didn't even know you couldn't use a standard controller, really lame for people who are like me and don't care for motion controls. Can a Wii do game patches similar to Ps3/360?

LoaMcLoa2516d ago

Yes, it can. I believe Conduit 2 and all COD:s released on Wii can get patched. Though I think there is a 2 mb limit to each patch.

But this game proves that motion-controls can work! Infact, the game wouldn't be the same without it.
You should really try it! ;D And don't worry, you don't have to stand up or make giant swings with your arms for it to work

DA_SHREDDER2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Now thats just a plain ol lie. When you try to bowl with a bomb its not a natural movement if your sitting down. Also, I'm a believer in motion controls, but I don't believe it's reached its pinnacle just yet. First off, Nintendo needs to do away with the infrared bar, Sony needs to add an analog stick on the Move controller and a glowing orb on the navigator, and the Kinect is only good for dancing and fitness games.

True 1:1 controls is already here with the move. I firmly believe that you need a camera, not an infrared bar, and you need buttons. This isn't 1986. And I agree with the author, motion controls shouldn't be forced onto fans. Im not impressed by the new Zelda or its controls. I'm also not a fan of fighting enemies the way your made to in the new Zelda. Honestly, I would have preferred using the waggle even though it made my wrist hurt after awhile. Next.

@Zero, Id hardly call it precision. Another sheep making a bold lie. Keep them coming, the herd is hungry.

zerocrossing2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Well, because alot of enemies and puzzles require use of Wii motion+ for precision cuts and stuff, the game can't really be played without it.

pcz2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Skyward sword simply couldn't be played using 'regular' controls, enemies block from left, right, high, low and the middle, so you have to use motion control to counter their defences. You simply couldn't defeat them with a 'normal' control system.

The same with some of the puzzles, they depend on motion control. The motion control isn't just tacked on, its an integral part of the game.

But you wouldn't know that, hence your silly comment.

ZombieAssassin2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Yea I didn't know because I don't own a Wii, I even said I didn't know that till just know. Don't get why the name calling I just stated that I want to play the game with a control pad because I don't like motion controls, hence me not owning a Wii...and when I did own one it was for about a month then sold it.

I liked Zelda a lot before this gen and now this will be one I'll most likely never play because they force you to use them.

mamotte2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

If you dont care for motion controls, why did you buy a Wii? I dont get it.

ZombieAssassin2515d ago

I didn't know I wouldn't care for them as badly as I did (first motion control system I owned), I also used a classic controller to play a few games that I wanted to...and of course the light gun games like House of The Dead.

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Khordchange2516d ago

That would ruin the point of the game

Troll-without-Bridge2516d ago

Then it would be a gimmick instead of fully fledged motion control gaming

Biggest2516d ago

By gimmick I am sure you meant option. Things don't always have to be polar opposites.

Troll-without-Bridge2516d ago

No, the reason why Motion controls have been seen as gimmicky is because of half-asses attempts of developers who dont want to go with fully fledged motion controls so they end up giving us something neither here not there.

If SS had an option to change to regular controls then it would be a way of waving the white flag and saying Nintendo is not fully confident in the potential of motion controls.

iliimaster2516d ago

see thats my biggest problem about the wii is that im not sold on motion gaming and for them to force it on us while at the same time selling us a classic controller add on pisses me off when i just want to pick up and play the next zelda adventure or a game like mario galxy i would much rather have an option to play standard normal controls

Lord_Sloth2516d ago

I just want Camera Control...

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