How Minecraft saved my life

BeefJack: "MINECRAFT 1.0 was released last week, so what better time to look back at the profound effects it’s already had? Here, BeefJack contributor Adam Harshberger explains how, just over a year ago, discovering a new kind of game saved a core part of his existence"

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bozebo2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Good article. Just noticed that my most enjoyed steam games cannot be completed: CS:S, Killing Floor, Mount & Blade, Terraria, BF:BC2 (didn't touch the single player), Sim City 4, L4D, TF2, Garry's mod etc.

Then there's also a lot of time invested in LoL, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress and BF3 - more games that cannot be completed (again, ignoring BF's stupid campaign). And Skyrim, I have no intention of "finishing" it :P

The latter half of this console generation has been bad for single player campaign based/story driven games, they are usually something silly like 4-7 hours gameplay for full price, wtf. Lost Odyssey and TW2 are 2 single player titles that did not disappoint though. Also RDR was brilliant, kinda liked UC2 havn't played UC3 yet. Assassin's Creed keeps getting better though mostly through characters/story/presentation and not through gameplay (though that does improve with each title). I would have played more Reach if I wasn't attacked with RRoD when I cared, won't be bothering with it again :(

bozebo2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Forgot Brütal Legend in that last paragraph, too late to edit. It's good to see games that aim to be fun and have some cleverly spaced & constructed content while they are at it, and not with just set piece after set piece (the reason for X game with 5 hours gameplay costing full price) either.

Though most of my criticism above excludes the Wii because I haven't been able experience its games' single player prowess as of yet. (it's the "mario kart and brawl machine" in this particular household)

AEtherbane2522d ago

Well written article. Basically how i feel when i play the game.