5 reasons why death sucks

Death in video games happens often, but the way in which it is handled is perhaps in need of revision. Here's five reason why it sucks.

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Sanetoshi2521d ago

It seems a bit weird to criticize death as a punishment before talking about how the mainstream audience seemingly can't handle being punished for failure. Maybe it's just me.

There have been games that have done interesting things with death, and others that have removed it entirely. Honestly, death as always being handled the same way is only a facet of a greater problem, that problem being that the kinds of stories that games generally tell are very limited. Few games that step outside the confines of these genres are rarely rewarded for doing so and are often imperfect realizations of their ideas as a result of trying something new.

You don't need to change how death is handled in games. You need games that tell stories where handling death differently actually works, and telling new kinds of stories with the medium is a big challenge few are willing to undertake given the current nature of the industry.

lorianguy2520d ago

"One single life" on the iPhone. They're not kidding.

360ICE2520d ago

Maybe if you were to pay for each life online you'd be more scared of dying.

OMG someone hide this comment from Activision!

nix2520d ago

edit your comment before it's too late!!!!!!

zerocrossing2520d ago

I always thought having to retry what you just failed at as a punishment for dying was a great idea.