CNN Review: Skyward Sword is proof Legend of Zelda needs a refresh

This is one series that can keep fans happy with its familiar concepts and characters. But the new game's minor tweaks don't inject new energy into the franchise. I wonder where Nintendo can take "Zelda" next without considering some radical changes.

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Dantheman12518d ago

i got this game and it is awesome the only reason some people don't like it is because it doesn't have guns and isn't a COD copy

Tarantino_Life2518d ago

" the only reason some people don't like it is because it doesn't have guns and isn't a COD copy"

While that need not always be true it is most certainly the case this time. Check out this Reviewers take on MW3. Lol.

oricon2518d ago

I think for some reason people want the franchise to turn into something thats not zelda.

iamtehpwn2518d ago

This is the most retarded review, ever.

Pikajew2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Each Zelda adventure is a whole new adventure and they all have somthing that keeps them unique and fresh.
Ocarina of Time has future and past
Majoras Mask had mask to use
Wind Waker had a huge sea to travel with amazing visuals
Twilihgt Princess was darker and you were able to transform into a wolf with new gameplay mechanics

I didnt get to play Skyward Sword yet :(

And these are just the 3D console ones

Biggest2518d ago

Those are your ideas of unique and fresh? They may have been unique and fresh in the Zelda franchise, but not to the rest of the gaming world. Low expectations breed easy happiness I guess.

Pikajew2518d ago

I didn't list everything.

Shnazzyone2518d ago

What isn't unique about a game that requires thought and innumerable uses of new play mechanics to create a world vibrant and full of substance. As a person who's been a long time fan of this I can say there is little that needs updating and to anyone who's followed the series sees that sometimes tiny tweaks enable a game to feel brand new. This is exactly the case with skyward sword. If we had motion based games like this at wiis launch noone would be pissing on the wii games right now.

Ulf2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

If you're a Zelda fan, don't bother reading this guy's review, because his thoughts are completely irrelevant to you.

If you're new to the franchise, don't bother reading this guy's review, because Zelda is awesome, and Skyward Sword is an amazing first Zelda to play.

If you've played Zelda before, and didn't really like it all that much, and, for some wierd reason, were hoping that it would change into something you did like... read this review, because that's exactly where this guy is coming from.

My question is... why bother to write a review for the people who aren't going to read it in the first place?

Gamer-Z2518d ago

I love zelda i do just look at my avatar but they need to start mixing it up a bit, like why not add lots of side quests and more areas to explore that are not part of the main story.

Pozzle2518d ago

I think the next game should be more like Majora's Mask (without the three-day cycle of course). Give us a main story, but also lots of character-driven side-quests that take a long time to complete. If there's something I've missed in the recent LoZ games, it's the focus on characters that Majora's Mask had.

PygmelionHunter2517d ago

Pozzle is right, Majora's Mask only had a handful of side quests but they were awesome and made its world more lively, then look at Spirit Tracks, that turned out to be a disaster, my god, those side quests sucked...

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