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Adam from Awesome Games reviews Assassin's Creed Revelations with none other than Ezio Auditore: 'Ah, Mr. Ezio Auditore da Firenze, it’s good to see you again. Why it feels as if it was only yesterday that we accompanied each other through the cultured streets of Rome, murdering and pillaging those Templar scoundrels along the way. I fondly recall the time when we scaled countless magnificent monuments, recklessly swan diving to an almost certain demise, only to land playfully in a coincidentally placed cart of hay.'

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bozebo2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Well that was fun to read :P

Yeah, I really want to catch up on AC because I didn't touch the 2nd one very much. I've seen a lot of the newer ones played and the series does look enticing but I can't be bothered with the sheer count of games they release to fulfil the story when it could have been compressed into better, more memorable games (just Ubisoft grabbing as much money as possible I guess). But AC is still better than 95% of the drivel being made these days if you want a good involving single player experience. If only other fantastic single player titles like Fable and FF were not destroyed by money grabbers :( It seems any good game that is conceived of these days will turn into something like AC or CoD because they (the publishers) know it will sell time and time again. Profits do not breed good games.

Raf1k12519d ago

I know what you mean but TBH AC2 was really great. It didn't feel like any of the story was dragged out or anything. It felt like a full game with plenty to like about Ezio and DaVinci.

Brotherhood didn't have much in terms of story and kind of felt like an anime filler episode as does Revelations. What I really don't like about Revelations is that it's in a whole new city and the place really doesn't look that great. Most of it looks very tatty and feels like they haven't done the city an real justice since it could and should have been amazing.

After AC2 saved the franchise it feels like it's just going downhill with each new game.

AwesomegamesUK2519d ago

Glad you enjoyed it : )

100% agree with what you've written. There was potential to make the Assassin's Creed franchise into a truly fantastic series of games, however, as seems to be the case with the big developers, the profit monster comes calling and we end up with a series of good but clearly not great games.

SAE2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

they just need to make the gameplay harder , the gameplay is easy , the sword fighting are boring after playing all the franchise , they make it even more easy when they add more stuff like the assassins you train , or the guns and now the bombs...

i want a challenging sword gameplay , im asking for this because assassin creed have potential to make a good sword fighting..

n4gisatroll2519d ago

Honestly....I wanted to get all the ac2 expansions...but I didn't think 120 bucks was worth the expansion. Infact, I haven't beaten ac2 yet. I loved the first one, but some reason, I can't finish ac2, maybe its because the pasrlt 2 years ac2.25 and ac2.5 came out. I dunno. I'm a little upset with how ubisoft is treating the franchise.

Ness-Psi2519d ago

I'm still trying to complete brotherhood, for the simple fact I got half way through it and my PS3 packed up. now I'm trying to go through it on PC but I'm struggling as I've played the start a billion times.

but im determined to complete it and revalations to see how it all ends.