Comparing Skyward Sword: Game Introduction

ZD: It shouldn’t need to be stated that any video game must have an introduction. There are many ways of constructing these early sections of a game, but for a game to have a middle and an end it must have a beginning, regardless of what form that beginning takes.

Zelda games are no exception and there have been both good and bad introductory segments throughout the series. Some people have criticized the lengthy introductions found in games like The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for taking too long getting you into the main game, spending far too much time forcing you to sit there as the game feeds you cutscenes and storyline, while others enjoyed these early portions of the games for their story and style.

I find myself between these two opinions, finding both good and bad in these long introductions. I have similar mixed opinions of many introductions throughout the other games in the series.

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