"Batman: Arkham City" RealView

Arkham City has generated a whole lot of positive buzz among industry experts, but is it warranted?

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RELIGHT2520d ago

The guy says the gameplay is the same as the first but that's absolutely not a bad thing nor is it true. The combat in AA was one of the strengths and it's great they put him back. The traversal aspects alone in AC were incredible. It's everything AA was but bigger and better in every possible way.

I almost think you're trying to get hits.

chaldo2520d ago

It's his review, his opinion. And are you saying that a 83 is a bad score?

Rageanitus2520d ago

I just got AC recently ..... and the combat is very similar to the old one.... never really liked the combat but it seems alot of ppl do.

As for navigation through the level..... that has changed.

I'm glad that in this new game the detective mode is not used as much/abused.

IMO i would not give it goty but the gameplay has been refined vs the old one.

Somebody2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

I like it. Been at it for hours non stop. It even cut into my BF3 mp time.

I really don't mind the repetition in combat. Besides, what game doesn't have repetition in its gameplay? FPS players have been doing the exact same thing for decades - shoot stuff. While RPG players have been trading loot, mashing monsters and casting magic all the time. Arcade know, repetition.

Repetition is important in games whether you like it or not. That's how you hone your skills and will continue to use them to finish the game. I wouldn't want to play a game that let you spend hours upgrading your swordsman to the fullest only to have him fight the final boss who can only be killed with arrows. If I spent a week of my life to upgrade the Legendary Shadow Sword of Oblivion, I expect to use that sword to drive it deep into the monster/villain at the end of the game.

Repetition exists and it depends on the type of people who relish on it. The author obviously doesn't like the repetitive combat in B:AC but others do. I don't like the grind in The Sims but I know there are millions of women gamers who like it. There are a lot of sim games that play heavily on repetition (City building, Train, Truck, Tractor, Ship Sims, etc - all you do is carry stuff from A to B) and yet there are people who bought those games. Let's not start on Facebook games, shall we?

I'm not disagreeing with the article. Just want to add some opinion of my own.