DarkZero Review | The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is "one of the best games ever"

Skyward Sword is a refreshing Zelda experience. If you have a Wii then you really owe it to yourself to buy this game and enjoy its 40 + hour adventure. Fans were already going to buy it anyway, and they should be happy because what Nintendo has done to celebrate 25 years of the franchise is make one of the best games ever, and that people is how you truly celebrate a legend such as the Zelda games.

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jessupj2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I would like to play this game

kikizoo2572d ago

exactly...i'm sure it's a good game, but each time i see the commercial, a little voice says to me :

"nintendo, welcome to the past"

pctrollv52571d ago

why? cause it doesnt have voice acting? we all know where that went with dragon age pertty much ruined the game, the fact that you judge it cause of stuff like that shows where youre at. The game is amazing and goes beyond anything else out there. Best zelda to date and way more fun than you COD knife and gun and dare I say way more fun that skyrim.

DeathChronx2571d ago

This game is a masterpiece...It doesn't feel like you're playing a game from the "past"...

zerocrossing2571d ago

People actually complaining about a Zelda game? why?

At least the main games are always good (minus the cheap spin offs) and evolve with each new iteration (unlike some popular franchises) who cares about the graphical limitations the Wii presents? Zelda SS is leagues ahead of it's competition in terms of innovation and gameplay, the story isn't deep but its entertaining and the whole game keeps you griped for hours.

Before you dismiss SS all together I urge you to at least play it.