Many games are famous for their art or their sound or the gameplay and so on and so forth. Few developers are successful in creating a beautiful amalgam of such features and then to express this in a 2D game is quite a challenge. The developers from "Playdead" did just that with Limbo. This beautifully made black and white puzzle platform game is sure to keep you mesmerized for some time.

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Tachyon_Nova2516d ago

I can't help but feeling this game is well overrated. It doesn't do anythign wrong, it just isn't that fun...

DonaldBeck2516d ago

dude, hear ya, all ya hear is omgz LIMBO!!!! its amazings! or any game for that matter, and the game turns out to be just OK, not so amazing as everyone hyped it up to be and you are left disspointed, it sucks.

RedDead2516d ago

That's how i feel about Uncharted. But ima troll for it. Most people seem to like Limbo alot anyway.

NukaCola2516d ago

For the price of 1200ms/$15PSN it's too short of a game. Other than that though, it's gorgeous, fluid, fun and downright a swell game. I love these trial and error style games. My personal favorite being Oddworld and a big reason Vita's Escape Plan (Another Black and White trial and error platformer) is a day one purchase. The first half of LIMBO is the best, the second is good but not as good as the 1st. I think overall the only real gig is the price versus the length. I'd give it a 9/10 easily.

But just cause a game is short doesn't make it bad. Flower (Only $10) is only 6 levels at about 4 total hours rushing, but like LIMBO there is replay in it for trophies and is one of the most gorgeous games on the mini market.

spunnups2516d ago

i loved the game. its tough , makes u think on your feet, and has a fantastic atmosphere, heres hoping for a sequel

Tommykrem2516d ago

A lot of the point with Limbo was that it was unique. Don't know if a sequel is the best way to go here.