Skyrim Stories: The Eternal Stolen Horse

OXM: Apparently you can buy horses in Skyrim. I've not had this explained to me in-game, and I haven't been in a stable since I got rumbled robbing the one outside Windhelm. So my travel has been on foot or, more often, using the magical power of fast travel.

After a while, I decided to find out what I was missing out on, and just took one from outside the stable in Riften. Slightly to my surprise, nobody seemed to notice this, and I rode off feeling like I had got one over on The Man.

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banjadude2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Once in awhile, near Windwhelm (near the Battleborn Farm) and to the north near the Shrine of Azura, you will find a dead bandit with a horse mulling over him/her. You can grab/use the horse, but if you stray from it, the horse will go back to its original location.

I don't even bother with horses; with the auto walk button, it's not so much of a chore to walk any more.

Offtopic: Have any of you seen the ghost horse? I tried to initiate contact with it, but something killed me before I could try. :/