Modern Warfare 3 Hacked Lobbies Confirmed and Explained – 360 Only So Far

MP1st - With just a little over 3 weeks since its release, hacked lobbies have ”Infected” Modern Warfare 3.

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Hitman07692615d ago

its only a matter of time for ps3 to have the same thing happening.

Dante1122615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Yeah, I guess so. Atleast this won't reach thousands of degrees with claims of the PSJ being the main cause for the hacks by Activision and certain gaming journalists *cough* CoD4 *cough* (even though in reality, it was happening on the 360 and PC as well back then).

Criminal2615d ago

CoD4 is, to this day, unplayable on the 360. I tried playing it right before MW3 came out to get myself in the mood, and I was really disappointed.

ZombieAssassin2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

CoD4 is unplayable on ps3 as well I just bought it off PSN. They have hacks to where if you play a game with them it gives you so much negative XP you can't join a game because ur not even rank 1....also there is no known fix for it besides having someone unhack you or to learn to do it yourself something i cant figure out how to do. So that's $20 down the drain, now my hate for Activision is justified.

Not only that the MP is pretty much dead in it, could only really find games for TDM and DOM.

user77927882615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

@Hitman0769 What was the point of that comment?

cyborg69712615d ago

He was pointing out how big of a tool he is.

kaveti66162615d ago

What is the point of your username? What is the point of your existence?

B-Real2062615d ago

I've never come across any hacks in Black ops is this something that only happens to Infinity Ward games. Was Waw hacked?

Mister_V2615d ago

WaW was definitely hacked. At least on the 360. And, I mean, It wasn't bad. There was just all this advertising stuff and text showing up on the left. Don't know what you'd call it.

FourGees2615d ago

Never seen any hackers on PS3. not even in Black Ops which I played just a few days ago.

B-Real2062615d ago

I know MW2 was hacked on the PS3, I really just started playing COD with Black Ops and that is why I was asking..... I hope they're able to fix MW3 but I kind of doubt it. At least I can always go back to Blops.

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DonaldBeck2615d ago

im making a game in 6 months and ill advertise it to death and not support it and get millions, but who cares? my friend has this game...

FourGees2615d ago

2 years is the dev cycle for each COD.
Treyarch and Infinity Ward take turns each year.

ZILLA2615d ago


Buzz7S2615d ago

Even with a beta, BF3 was plagued with many issues. In fact, to this day, there still are many issues. It may not hacked, but the amount of glitches is laughable.

And why are people surprised? MW3 is MW2, which is a clone of COD4. Rinse and repeat.

bozebo2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

"I hope when Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games work on fixing the 360 version"

They can't fix it. If hackers can run their own code on a hacked console or if they are intercepting network packets (what this particular hack seems to be), no patch will EVER fix it. All games can be hacked in some way, the only exception being OnLive games because they don't run on your own hardware.

Of course every single MW is going to be hacked, the IT community as a whole generally has a hatred for MW and Activision so there will always be hackers out there with the knowledge and will to ruin people's games to give MW/Activision a bad rep. Only small games can/may avoid being hacked because they do not warrant the effort required to reverse engineer them.

WANNAGETHIGH2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I luv my Cod games and I luv MW3 but activision is really pissing me of.They make billions of $ with Cod and they still can't fix the issue of Hacking. Any way I'm playing on the PS3 and I'm loving it, no problem so far. KILLCONFIRMED FTW :)

And to the hackers u all should eat a fat d1ck >:(

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flyinrhyno2615d ago

Kill Confirmed is the shit, I hope they ban all cheaters

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