New Sonic Wii screenshots

Sega have released some new from their Wii title Sonic and The Secret Rings. The shots show a small picture of the part that the Wiimote will play in performing certain actions.

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ChickeyCantor4444d ago

they made allot of levels, cozz not able to walk and run like you use to its one straight line, no turning back.

NitrogenB4444d ago

is it weird for any1 else seeing a Sonic game on a Nintendo console?....that's just weird. Sorry, continue w/ the posts.

oribis4443d ago

its been on the Gamecube a bunch of times: Sonic Heros, Sonic Adventure 2 and DX , Sonic Riders

wakkiwakko4443d ago

I never liked these new sonic games. feels like you're just watching him run and nothing really big happens. Boss battles are always simple. Levels are too generic. I just hope the wii version will add some new level of gameplay.

DJ4443d ago

that's a pretty big downgrade from the 360/PS3 versions. Did SEGA outsource the Wii version?