Walmart Cyber Monday Specials – No Pepper Spray Required

If you’re keen to avoid a pepper spraying, and provided that Walmart get their website up and running properly, then you’ll want to check out the deals they are going to be running starting this Sunday and going through until Friday.

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TheFallenAngel2517d ago

At my local wal mart a guy got stabbed over a trampoline lol.

gta28002516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

People become insane on Black Friday lol

sxbrady2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Unlucky bastered we only had fights!

beastgamer2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

at my local wal mart two chicks start going crazy over some cookware.

I went to the video games and saw this guy get laid out over Batman Arkham City for 28 bucks.
It was funny. When he landed on the floor he was like a turtle on its back for a good 8 sec.

Nitrowolf22517d ago

at my local best buy a guy came inside, grabbed the 42 inches TV in the entrance and went to customer service to return it only to get turned down. He then dropped the TV on the ground and bolted out.

SilentNegotiator2517d ago

I saw someone use a mortar strike they got from punching out 5 people just to get a discounted butter knife set. I wonder how I know that but it was never reported...

guitarded772517d ago

Damn overpowered kill streaks... Black Friday is so unbalanced. I blame Activision for their greed.

gta28002516d ago

At my local Walmart a man was shot in an attempted robbery. I live in Oakland but the the Walmart in San Leandro, CA is close to my house.

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Deadpool6162516d ago

You'll never catch me in that crowd. The last thing I need to deal with is a bunch of feral people snarling over the "must have" items. It's easier just to stay at home and order stuff online. That's the smart way to shop during this time of year. Yep...just let the mail service do all the work and you can avoid being punched, stabbed or mortally wounded. ^_^

HammockGames2516d ago

It doesn't make much sense does it? Unless you like to combine shopping with hockey or Australian rules football, best to avoid that whole scene.

Online is where it's at. You can find better deals and it's way the hell safer.

Sidebar: Had a thought to increase safety of security guards that open the doors on black friday. Taser the entire friggin crowd a minute before opening. Whoever manages to regain control of their nervous system first can have their choice of items (and enjoy their urine soaked trip home with their prize - but minus their pride).