AMD Catalyst 11.11b "Performance Driver" is now available; Skyrim CrossFire enabled

DSOGaming writes: "Well looky here, we got us a new performance driver. AMD has just released a new set of drivers that offers better performance in a number of games. Moreover, this driver enables CrossFire in Skyrim. The driver is dated to November 25th and supports pretty much all of the red team’s cards. In other words, waste no time and get it while you still can."

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bobrea2612d ago

You say "get it while you still can" like they are going to suddenly pull their drivers from their website.

RedDragan2612d ago

I keep getting a BSOD when installing 11.11.

Something to do with AMDIGAB.dll or something like that. The same BSOD will then occur after cold rebooting and uninstalling 11.11.

It is something to do with my rig because others have successfully installed the driver, only a few people have had this and there doesn't appear to be any correlation on hardware or operating system as it occured in Vista 32 and 64, as well 7 32 and 64. With AMD processors and Intel processors.

But most people can install it properly. I am lost and have no idea what it is on our rigs that could be causing the problem.


kornbeaner2612d ago

Try this. Download the new drivers and place it on your desktop. Then completely uninstall your videocard and its current drivers. Reboot your machine. The screen will look like crap locate your new drivers install them and reboot. This way all files for the videocard are all new with no chance of old driver file conflicting with the new ones.

AAWELLS092612d ago

I had problems as well installing 11.11. What happened to me was at random times upon exiting a house or any building in general(not everytime)my game would stutter and would be unplayable only thing i could do was quit out to desktop and reload the game and it would be fine for a few mins until i left a building. So i rolled back my drivers for now as i dont need the new ones.

GrumpyVeteran2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I dunno, 11.11a (which was supposed to be a "performance driver" hotfix) made some games perform terribly for me, might just skip this and wait for 11.12 or 12.1

Reibooi2612d ago

Just gave it a shot and while the Skyrim's FPS seem slightly improved it also makes it incredible glicthly. Smoke effects randomly turn bright purple and static objects are all glicthly and bouncing around.

Switched back to the single GPU and it worked just fine so I don't need to roll back and can just wait for the next driver but it really didn't make the game playable in Crossfire.

TacticAce2611d ago

Ok just tried with some test and the crossfire got a minor improvement but not what I was expecting. On the other hand this driver greatly improved my fps on a single gpu by 10+ frames on my 6950. It also got rid of my microstutter. I highly recommend these drivers!