Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection review (HonestGamers)

Rhody Tobin writes: "Graphically, MGS 3 is the title in the compilation that benefits the most from its HD facelift. It’s clear now that MGS 3 was too beautiful for the PS2. Its lovingly crafted outdoor environments, full of trees, grass, and wildlife, are full of detail and texture were lost to the PS2’s low resolution. On the PS3, these environments come alive and look just as good as many PS3 games."

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MultiConsoleGamer2518d ago

There is only one thing wrong with this collection.

It doesn't include the original Metal Gear Solid.

The should have at least ported Twin Snakes.

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GamersRulz2518d ago

Awesome collection, MGS games never cease to impress me, ever.