In Defense of Your Inner Fanboy or Fangirl

Eder Campuzano writes, "Do you play Call of Duty? Why? It’s the same thing year after year. It never changes. If you bought Modern Warfare 3, you’re nothing but a fanboy. Bet you’ve heard that before, haven’t you?"

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jthamind2519d ago

i think brand loyalty is too basic of synonym for fanboyism. in my opinion, being loyal to a brand isn't all that bad (as long as it's not blind loyalty). if you only own a PS3 or 360, that's fine. if you're proud of the fact that you own it and defend it in the occasional debate, more power to you. if you like one franchise of a game and think it's better than one of its competitors, great.

it's when people start blindly supporting something, and more importantly, trashing the competitors, that it starts looking childish and petty. you don't see Coke drinkers calling Pepsi drinkers names, or putting them down. why? because who cares what people drink, it's their choice. video games shouldn't be any different. if you only own one console, that's great, have a blast with it. there's no law that says you have to own all three to balance things out. if you prefer Modern Warfare over Battlefield, or Skyrim over Dark Souls, or Ninja Gaiden over Devil May Cry, that's your choice. but don't put the next person down just because they made a choice different than yours.

i know this comment got slightly off track from the writer's points, but i just felt like venting. lol.

good article.

Berserk2519d ago

I thought this fanboy crap was over by now... Just play whichever console you prefer!