Far Cry 2 Dunia Engine Tech Videos and Screens

Far Cry 2 Headquarters writes:

"There are a couple of new things around Far Cry 2 and the Dunia Engine. Many people want to know what Dunia actually means. The word Dunia is Suaheli and means world. But now we should change to the essential part of this news. There are 4 new tech demos which show features the Dunia Engine has. To begin with the weather system, further the day- and night cycle to the point of the growing vegetation. Incredible but it's true. Ubisoft Montreal really tries to design Africa as realistic as possible and the videos are promising."

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TheIneffableBob5538d ago

Now that is a strong pistol.

antoinetm5538d ago

Whoever are responsible for bringing the farcry franchise where it is since the departure of crytek should get a HUGE raise.

Amazing engine.

Games will be perfect when the AI will be as good as the engine on which it runs.

5-6 years from now i guess

Premonition5538d ago

This to me is true next gen, we should have games like this on consoles.

Vojkan5538d ago (Edited 5538d ago )

Tree regeneration is lame. I hope they remove it from final prodict

ENgine is very impressive i have to add.

OOG FunK5538d ago

That is absolutely amazing looking.....looking forward to seeing that in a game..... gonna be sick how real the worlds are starting to become

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The story is too old to be commented.