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Joe Green states, "And so we reach the pivotal question: is Skyrim worth you're hard-earned cash? That question is determined by your response to three separate questions. Do you like vast and engrossing games, filled with the potential for a multitude of gaming tasks, from the mundane to the epic? Do you like a world where every element of its presentation, from sound to sight and style, tug at your imagination in making you believe you are a part of it? Do you have the time to devote yourself to one of this year's most engrossing and content-filled experiences? I would suggest that if your response is yes to even one of the above, then you would do well to pick up a copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and live in its enchanting world yourself."

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Any thoughts on the review? Let me know.

Was I justified in giving it 9.5/10?