Why GTA V might be better on Nintendo systems then anywhere else…

I’m here to convince you of two things
1. GTA V on WiiU will be better than PS3 and 360 ( if it’s released for those two dinosaurs, lol )
2. GTA V 3DS could be awesome and just as good as Vita’s version


To Clear Confusion: Of course the WiiU version won't look better than PC

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Shok4214d ago

You make some solid points actually, but you couldve sounded a lot less bias.

qwertyz4214d ago

the writer of teh article is a liar. the cryengine 3 footage runs on a gtx580 3gb and an i7 960 you honestly think wii u will be that powerful ? LOL that would be too expensive we all know Nintendo never subsidence their consoles(always start out selling at a profit no matter what) .

Besides the fact that wii u will be a very small console also means it won't have sufficient space to support cooling solutions sufficient for high-end parts but it will obviously be more powerful than ps3 and 360 combined though.

ChickeyCantor4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Since this is a dedicated system. We don't know its full potential yet. The tech-demos were made on unfinished devkits. It should at least be more powerful than current gen, however just because it's "small", doesn't mean hardware hasn't improved over these 5 years.

Besides...Nintendo knows how to rock their system. Mario Galaxy was really a creative surprise on the visuals.

N4g_null4213d ago

You guys have no idea how much of a mess pc development on pc can be now on high end pc hardware. Just look at how rage turned out. The only true difference will be the pc version can run at over 1080. the power7 is the chip that supplies the variant of your hd systems. That variant is very stripped down yet we are about to see the first true power7 in a console and it is not going to have to run a bloated os or support legacy hardware. That is the true reason why the ps3 and xbox looks so good.

You have to understand deticated silicon is way better than mere pc parts. Expect the next consoles to be pretty much the same power wise. Multi core game engines don't scale all that well right now.

Saying the wiiu can't have hardcore games now is like saying only sonys blu ray players will be good. The whole casual cry from developers was so they could ignore Porting down. Notice how power hungry developers are pleased now. Not sure why people still want to act like the wiiu is going to suck. Unfortunately this is not sports and cheer for a side doesn't mean they will win. The writing is on the wall they have the tech and I have to admit the mini games in gta will be so much better. I mean now you may have to actually put the wires together to hot wire your car. You may have to do more than press the b button lol. I mean come on you could put the gear shifter on each car and dump the clutch like a real out law. Also many of you dont know or realize this but you can use the classic controller at the same time your wiiu controller is activated. What this means is you could play classic gta with a controller then pick up the wiiu to fly say a remote chopper.

Khordchange4214d ago

Good Points, but will see. I think hacking stuff would be a lot more fun on the Wii U

Outside_ofthe_Box4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Lets not forget about the potential of the PS3 w/ Vita. If R* wills it, we could probably be able to do the same thing with the PS3 and Vita as you can do with the Wii U.

Shackdaddy8364214d ago

I really don't think that's gonna happen... Would be cool though...

dark-hollow4214d ago

yeah the only problem that every wii u user have the controller while not every ps3 will get vita

ChickeyCantor4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

I just love how people disagree with Shackdaddy.
There is a huge chance it WONT happen since Vita is not a dedicated controller to the PS3. It's more of an Add-on.

He isn't condemning it, by the "Would be cool though" it should be clear that he is welcoming it.

Getowned4213d ago

yeah that won't happen.If it dose then great but I 99% don't think it will happen.

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Parapraxis4214d ago

Very professional... "lol" as you say.

OpenGL4214d ago

By the time GTA V comes out the Vita will be out in every market, and the Vita will be capable of running a version of GTA V that looks far better than what the 3DS is capable of.

As far as the Wii U goes, we haven't seen any actual games running on the hardware, and while it will likely be more powerful than the PS3/360 the Wii U's hardware still looks outdated next to contemporary PC hardware.

DarkBlood4214d ago

ya got to stop thinking about pcs when it comes to things like this

i think its already wildly establish that pc for raw power

raytraceme4214d ago

well the "then anywhere else" made it clear the pc's were in the running for this. Also they used a pc video for the wii u.

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