Kinect, PS3 Top Amazon Black Friday Charts

On the biggest shopping day of the year, topping the charts of the biggest online retailer in the world can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity to sell your wares, which is why Sony must be pleased with the performance of the PS3 today. - PSLS

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MultiConsoleGamer2523d ago

Amazing deals on the PS3 this year. They're practically giving it away.

MAJ0R2523d ago

heh almost missed that

AngryTypingGuy2522d ago

Who says 3 is the magic number? In the video games world, 199 is the magic number (dollars, that is).

indysurfn2522d ago

Looks like the article was wrong about PS3 being at #1. But that is only because it changed before I got to see it. It is still doing pretty good at #15 though. I think Just Dance3 is knocked it out of the number one spot because the xbox360 just stayed at #2 and #3. Over time PS3 is gaining ground.

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LOGICWINS2523d ago

"Possibly due to the recent sharpshooter deal, it’s also interesting to note that Resistance 3 has rocketed 3,700%, coming in at number 10 on the charts."

Good to hear. That makes me comfortable with buying the game now that I know I'll have people to play with if I go online.

Does anyone know if patch 1.05 fixed the Move aiming issues?

LostTokens2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Ouch, I didn't know the Wii had slumped down that low in the charts. Still, good on Sony for grabbing Black Friday by the throat... or at least getting Amazon to help. lol

Tanir2523d ago

wii is no good thats why, least zelda came out tho, after that there is nothing unless they release last story and xenoblade in america, which i believe they aren't going to do

Sev2523d ago

Yeah, really. I have no bias console-wise, but I don't see how the Wii is still selling at all. Are there that many idiots out there?

doctorstrange2523d ago

Never underestimate the amount of idiots on this planet

ArmrdChaos2522d ago

So...if someone doesn't share your same interests or opinion then they are branded an idiot? I love how the birth of the "core" gamer brand has produced so many self proclaimed individuals. I love the whole message everyone weaves that if you are not "core" you are less of a person. In the end you either play video games or you don't...that is the only absolute. Creating a special label to give yourself a sense of social elevation is nothing more than identity crisis.

supremacy2523d ago

I dont think Amazon has anything to do with it, I was able to calmly walk in to a gamestop this morning and get one of these bundles. I will say I got lucky because it was like a ghost town where I went, no lines or occupiers...oops I meant campers around.

Two store clerks and 3 other people at the store, that was it and I didnt even break a sweat. Slept well and still came out with the deal being talked about here.

B1663r2523d ago

The Occupy Shopping Malls people tend to go to the big box retailers first.

ftwrthtx2523d ago

I ordered Resistance 3 last night for less than 30 bucks. Good to see I wasn't alone.

user8586212523d ago

But But me thought kinect sales was declining.... :S

Sev2523d ago

Who said that? Kinect sells like crazy. It's not just selling itself, its selling 360s like hotcakes.

shikamaroooo2523d ago

Kinect sold 90% of its units last year that says a lot meaning this year its only sold 1-2 million . Source ? Ubisoft made a comment .

IAmCornHolio2523d ago


Since Ubisoft has come down with the same case of corporate schizophrenia that HP seems to have... I wouldn't put a whole lot of weight in anything they say anymore.

In the last week they also said that 95% of the people using their games Pirate them...


My earlier prediction of the 60k megaconsoles being announced by xmas was pretty far off. They will announce 60k megaconsoles in the next week or so. Today probably put them over the top.

kneon2523d ago

Sales did decline, and quite drastically. But that doesn't mean that the sales rate has to continue to be monotonically decreasing. It will have it's ups and downs.

In Canada that bundle is only $199 so they are really trying hard to ramp up sales.

Noticeably_FAT2523d ago

I managed to grab that great deal on the Xbox 360s/Kinect bundle as a gift for my brother. Glad to see such amazing deals on that.

I missed out earlier on the Best Buy door buster deal where they had the 4 gig Xbox 360s/Kinect bundle for $199 with a freaking $100 gift card.

Tarantino_Life2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

"I managed to grab that great deal on the Xbox 360s/Kinect bundle as a gift for my brother"

I pity your brother. Poor chap must be flailing his arms in front of the tv because of an idiot like you. Atleast let him choose what he wants and not be forced to comply with your pathetic taste.

"I missed out earlier on the Best Buy door buster deal where they had the 4 gig Xbox 360s/Kinect bundle for $199 with a freaking $100 gift card"

How exciting!!! No one gives a Fkk

Noticeably_FAT2523d ago

Actually my brother has been asking for the new Xbox 360 and Kinect, our folks aren't lucky enough to have a ton of money to spend on things like that.

I moved away to a different state and got married, so I don't see him very often, one of the reasons he wanted a Kinect, other then gaming is to be able to do Kinect chat.

Also, he'll be doing more then flailing his arms about, I got him Gears triple pack for $7.99, Gears 3 for $24.99, Fable 3 for $14.99, Forza 4 for $29.99 and MW3 for $39.99.

Thanks for being a douche though!

ForROME2523d ago


Pull up your dress; wipe your tears and quit crying and GTFO

FredEffinChopin2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I wish there were a bubble down option that simply said "dick". I know you're at one bubble already, but it's the principle.

TheDivine2523d ago

Your bros lucky to have a brother that would do that for him dont listen to the asshole here. Im thinking of getting a ps3 for my bro if i have enough cash.

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