EDGE - Saints Row The Third review

Saints Row wants to be the WarioWare of open-city games, and this may be no bad thing. While the giddy mayhem of early GTAs set the table for ostentatious crime drama, Saints Row trims as much context as possible from its carnage, becoming a cartoon flipbook of anything-goes extremity.

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DonaldBeck2517d ago

no way edge, i give this amazing game 8.5/10. and this review a 4/10.

5119ent2516d ago

after beating this game i would say 6/10 isnt that bad the second one was easily the best in the series

MultiConsoleGamer2517d ago

I totally don't agree with edge.

STK0262517d ago

And, as of now, 3 people disagree with you on that. I assume this means they don't think you really were disagreeing with edge.

doctorstrange2517d ago

Edge's scores are always a bit off imo

LOGICWINS2517d ago

Thats like telling someone who prefers burgers over hotdogs that their opinion is "off".

2517d ago
Eiffel2517d ago

They can't even give a good score to a game entirely fun focused, there's no hope for EDGE.

coolbeans2517d ago

It's easy to tell that this game simply isn't for every sandbox fan. That's all I find telling from the score.

Eiffel2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Apparently not, seems too many gamers want an overly serious narrative game that tries to push the boundaries of hardware, with minimal fun and overkill realism. Like GTA IV, that was fun am i rite?

NYC_Gamer2517d ago

well,GTA4 was fun to me really enjoyed the story.

LOGICWINS2517d ago

The strong realistic narrative of GTA4 is what made it fun. I took Niko seriously, therefore I took his struggles seriously, this led me to being very immersed with the game...hence having a lot of fun with it.

Eiffel2517d ago

Apart from the story, it didn't offer much to do for me. I'd rather put gameplay and fun above any story, graphics, or realism. Lets try to not make a game into something it's pretending not to be, I like a serious narrative every now and then, but when it affects the gameplay for the sake of realism and story, it's not much a game anymore.

A lot of people who enjoyed Vice City and San Andreas moved on to Saints Row because it offered that fun gameplay they enjoyed previously, Rockstar abandoned that, can't blame them for trying new things but it definitely alienated a great number of their fanbase. .

vickers5002517d ago


Well said.


YodaCracker2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

@Eiffel - Alienated a great number of their fanbase? LOL... GTA IV is the best-selling title of the GTA franchise, the highest rated game of the last DECADE, and the oldest game still in the top 10 most active titles on Xbox LIVE. And GTA V is just as hyped as GTA IV. It's predicted by analysts to far outsell it as well.

I, too, would put gameplay and fun above most everything else, and that is a big part of the reason GTA IV is my favorite game of this generation. The groundbreaking Euphoria physics engine greatly enhances the gameplay, and is what puts it head and shoulders above any other open world game for me. I could have more fun experimenting with the Euphoria physics engine than I ever could from Saints Row's multitude of shallow mini-games.

The insane level of detail and character in GTA IV's environments make it FUN to explore. GTA IV's deep and satisfying driving mechanics make it FUN and rewarding to handle vehicles, unlike in Saints Row where every car stops on a dime and powerslides around corners like a Matchbox car.

The outspoken minority of GTA IV haters cannot change the fact that it is one of the greatest and most respected games of this generation.

coolbeans2517d ago

"Tries to push the boundaries of hardware, with minimal fun and overall realism"

With all due respect, it just seems that you're shoving your opinion down everyone's throat when the case is still "different strokes for different folks". To be fair to GTA IV, it may have sapped many extra features from San Andreas, but you can't argue that no other sandbox game before IV had such a superfluous amount of online extras. Just because they went for a more narrative-driven story-which was pretty damn good, doesn't mean they still didn't have an aim towards pushing the fun in sandbox games to its fullest online.

In the end, we can agree that IV was a dissappointment, but we should also agree that it brought new things to both the genre and the series as a whole that were welcoming, albeith sacrificing other things that were enjoyable in previous GTA games.

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soundslike2517d ago

8? meh

6? nah

games hard to score IMO. depends on how much weed you smoke

Pintheshadows2517d ago

Or how much Peyote you eat. It has been my surprise of the year so far. 2 was okay but I'm loving 3.

*Spoiler Alert*

Burt Reynolds.

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