Five Lessons GTAV Could Learn From Saints Row: The Third

GameZone lists five reasons why Rockstar should pay attention to Saint's Row: The Third

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i think rockstar is perfectly able to handle GTA V

Hanif-8762522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I want Rockstar to make GTA V as realistic as it can be and just leave the goofy stuff to Saints Row because thats really not my thing.

The wacky and the goofy stuff in SR3 got so stale after 30 minutes. Thats definitely something Rockstar can learn not to do. I need a game even more realistic than GTA IV but with alot of stuff to do in it and alot of cheats :-)

BlmThug2521d ago

I dont want it to be OTT like SR3 but a little humor would be nice. Niko was way too serious although he is one of my favorite characters in videogame history. I want some Tommy Verceti style character.

DonaldBeck2522d ago

1, have more humor
2, have creative/goofy vehicles
3/ way more customization
4. be way more fun in your worlds you create
5. coop, make new modes and stuff.

lifesanrpg2522d ago

Saints Row: The Third was very good, but I think Rockstar will deliver just fine with GTA V.

AtomicGerbil2522d ago

Love the pic, Spaceballs is one of my favourite childhood movies.

NYC_Gamer2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

really doubt R* needs to learn anything from volition/saints row.

bozebo2522d ago

Noob article.

San Andreas had all those things. Rockstar should be looking at their own history not what immitation games do.

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The story is too old to be commented.