PS Vita vs Nintendo 3DS vs iPhone 4S: Spec Compared

NowGamer - In the run up to PS Vita's Japan launch, we've been checking out everything you need to know about the console. While the PS Vita launches in the UK 22 February 2012, we thought we'd continue our examination of the console.

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MultiConsoleGamer2615d ago

The future is Apple VS Nintendo.

The future is now.

disturbing_flame2615d ago

People can always decide for their future. Revolution is now.

MultiConsoleGamer2615d ago

And Apple is leading that revolution.

disturbing_flame2615d ago

It leads the illusion to live it.

MaxXAttaxX2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

And let's not forget games. The most important aspect along with controls :)

So what does Apple and iPhone have anything to do with real gaming? LOL

Here's a sad article:

STK0262615d ago


While there's no doubt PSVita has better controls than the iPhone, the CPU, GPU and battery life of the iPhone (or any high-end smartphone) is getting updated on a yearly basis. With nVidia's quad-core Kal-el hitting the market later this year/early next year for tablets, you can bet by the end of 2012, flagship smartphones from HTC, Apple and Smasung are likely to have a quad-core CPU.

But yes, you are right when you say that the PSVita (and the 3DS for that matter) offers better controls than any smartphone currently on the market (including the Xperia Play).

piroh2615d ago

lol even PSP has better games than Iphone

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Mickbelfast2615d ago


do exaplain "REAL GAMING" for us ?

wether you played pong decades ago or playing modern warfare 3 now gaming is gaming

kikizoo2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

[email protected] desperate xlolfanboyz "multiconsole"(yeah, sure), he's so desperate by ps3 leading in all departments, that even the vita is the devil for him :)

every gamer knows that vita is way ahead of any portable device for gaming.

"close second", same kind of haters, is going to amuse everybody with "bububu vita is doomed" like psp, bluray, ps3, move, etc : stop man, each time you FAIL

miyamoto2615d ago

Dude all major gaming related companies had their important shot at shaping the future of video games not just Apple or Nintendo. Everyone of these made important contributions to the future. don't be narrow.

Nintendo = Miyamoto, Game & Watch, Famicom, Super Mario Bros.
Sony= TV sets, modern floppy disks, CD-ROM, CD player, PlayStation, memory cards
Sega = Sonic, Virtua Fighter,
Namco = Pacman
Apple = Apple personal computer, iPod, iPhone etc etc

miyamoto2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Apple admit Briton DID invent iPod, but he's still not getting any money!

Apple has finally admitted that a British man who left school at 15 is the inventor behind the iPod.
Kane Kramer, 52, came up with the technology that drives the digital music player nearly 30 years ago but has still not seen a penny from his invention.
And the father of three had to sell his home last year and move his family to rented accommodation after closing his struggling furniture business .

Read more:


MultiConsoleGamer2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I guess my comments ruffled a lot of fanboy feathers.

There is about to be a dramatic seachange in the gaming industry. The likes of which has not been seen in over 15 years.

The world you grew up in is about to vanish right before your eyes. And major players in the game will be reduced to mere memories, like Sega and Atari.

I do not welcome this new future, I do not support it. I'm just smart enough to see it coming. Let's all hope we survive the change. Many people who are core gamers now who will drop out once the transition has begun.

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Samus HD2615d ago

They are both great in specs (iphone lacks controlls - which is necessary for good games).
But I personally can't resist Nintendo first party Games

user8586212615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Nintendo's got an insane lineup that the competition just cant compete with!!!

MH3 + 4, KH3D, RER, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, DQ7 Remixed (Rumored), Pokemon, Professor Layton

2012 the 3DS is going to blow my mind!!! o_0

This site has too many grafex whores....

madjedi2615d ago

Yeah maybe they have a different opinion of nintendo games than you guys do.

"This site has too many grafex whores...." Right so because people don't want to pay top dollar for hardware and games from 10+ yrs they are gfx whores.

No idiot it's nintendo refusing to advance it's handhelds to a reasonably modern lvl in regards to hardware thats the issue.

You nintendo fanatics can scream graphics whores all you want, it doesn't change the fact that it is a new handheld with old obsolete tech inside of it.

When you start a whole new generation of consoles/handhelds, there is a expected significant jump in visuals ect. To justify you spending $200+ on the next interation of that line.

Sony can release a powerful handheld at a very reasonable price before long, so what is nintendo's excuse?

Learn the difference between actual graphics whores and people that aren't going to reward companies for intentionally using old less powerful hardware.

For the sole purpose of maximising profits, when they can release a more powerful system while still maintaining a healthily profit margin but don't.

Knushwood Butt2615d ago

Funny thing about the Nintendo crowd that shout 'graphics whore' is that whenever the topic of the Wii U comes up, they all start to praise the graphics...

ninjahunter2615d ago

Let us know how that works out for you.

christoph2032615d ago

vita owns both on specs & games.. vita launches with 12 first party games! that's crazy.. + vita will have real online gaming. which will be prtety much a first for a portable machine

CloseSecond2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Specs wont convince the masses to buy a Vita. The only ones drooling over a dedicated handheld are gamers. The majority want a smartphone or other device that compliments their lifestyle.

supremacy2615d ago

But who is to say they can afford an iphone? The phone shouldnt even be in these types of discussions, its just ridiculous.

CynicalVision2615d ago

'The majority want a smartphone or other device that compliments their lifestyle.'

Sure, phones offer more functionality than a gaming device so it's obvious that more people will end up buying a phone, but you won't see many people buying the iPhone purely because of the games.

If you want a platform purely for games then pick the Vita and/or 3DS, for everything else then it'll be the iPhone.

CloseSecond2615d ago


and there inlies the million dollar question. What sales target does Sony have for the Vita to prevent the Vita going the same way as the Go. Is Sony hoping to shift 5, 10 or 20 million in the first year to continue investing into the Vita. Also, if the Vita gets hacked early on will developers run for the hills like they did with the PSP?

After owning 5 PSPs and a Go I'm going to play a game of wait and see.

CynicalVision2615d ago

The iPhone shouldn't even be on this list, it's unfair considering a new iphone is released every year when the Vita and 3DS are designed to last 5-6 years.

Honestly, if you're looking for a dedicated gaming machine then it'll be the Vita and the 3DS only. The iPhone will never be able to match the quality of games that the other platforms offer.

urwifeminder2615d ago

Have none of the above like to keep it that way.

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