Woman Pepper Sprays Crowd On Black Friday Over Xbox 360

"Black Friday has been known to get quite violent in the past, with this year being no different."

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MultiConsoleGamer2517d ago

I have been to this walmart several times. Let me tell you all something, its a terrible place. Of all the Walmart stores I have visited in the past this one is clearly the worst. The employees are downright hostile, and even the customers are rude and pushy. There's just something really negative about the place.

When I heard the news about this incident I wasn't surprised at all. Porter Ranch walmart is a sh**hole.

Maxned2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

All I see is a bunch of savages

Kran2517d ago

Imagine some poor innocent bystander in the shop, and then they just get caught in the crowd. R.I.P that bystander.


Micro_Sony2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Black Friday......Shakes head......this holiday gives us black people a bad name.

Why call it black Friday anyway - why not call it sale friday or bargin friday.

EDIT @BWAZY: Its obvious that stores make tons of money but some BS like this always happens - I remember reading about 2 or 3 years ago that someone got killed in a stamped.

Now say I was not American and not informed about the true meaning of BLACK Friday and i happen to read this that stuff like this happens on BLACK friday I would assume that Black friday is a holiday celebrating black people and then be like dam black people are so uncivilized.

bwazy2517d ago

Because stores are making a **** ton of money, thus moving out of the red and into the black.

Christopher2517d ago

***this holiday gives us black people a bad name***


Black is in reference to the color of numbers in a ledger when you are showing profit. If you were losing money, it would be red.

Black is actually a very good thing in this instance... How the heck can that give anyone a bad name?

specialguest2517d ago

So it must be somewhat racist to use the word black to describe an event?? Only someone with a racist mentality would automatically assume the negative intention in the word usuage.

KaBaW2516d ago

Uhm .. or the 'Black' could stand for dark times; cause of all these savages!

baodeus2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

well in asian country, black and red are quite the opposite. Red mean lucky and lots of money while black is unlucky and no money.

But this Black friday tradition is getting out of hand. It shows the worst in people. Been to one, and never again.

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matt19912517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

well thats one less kid on cod

Buzz7S2517d ago

She better put that pepper spray back in the kitchen when she get home!

cyborg69712517d ago

I can't believe we gave them the right to vote. Thanks a lot great great grand pa's. And they (women) want to be treated as equals to men. At least when men pepper spray its for fun, not bargains. "Sarcasm"

digger182517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

omg, people act like this over material items? How very sad

Megaton2517d ago

The worst of American consumerism. Filthy animals herding and swarming over moderate price cuts on junk electronics.

larrym2517d ago Show
Hicken2517d ago

Cuz it's only an American thing, right?

bozebo2517d ago

From what I see. Yes.

Other countries know how to queue I think :P

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