Modern Warfare 3 – 15 Tips To Improve Your Game

MP1st - "We put together 15 tips to help you get better at Modern Warfare 3."

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TrendyGamers2518d ago

Good list. Hopefully it helps!

xkarxfreddy2518d ago

Camp in corners like 99% of cod players! such a disappointing game, wayyyyyy 2 noob friendly and dats y so many ppl like it, look at me with a 3.0/kd IM PRO

Adeeyal2518d ago

Not sure if your being serious :/

cyborg69712518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Tip 1. Take the game out.

Tip 2. Put in BF3. There you go the game is improved.

TopDudeMan2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Here's mines:

For the love of god: put your sensitivity down. I see people playing on 6+ sensitivity who can't aim and they use it because someone told them they can react quicker if they put it up. Sorry, but it won't help you. Put it down to improve your aim and you'll drop targets much quicker.

iPad2518d ago

I played CoD with my sensitivity to 10 and I had no problems with it. I reacted quicker and my aiming was still as good.

TopDudeMan2518d ago

That's good for you, but I mean the vast majority of noobs on that game who are on 10 sensitivity do not know how to point a gun and shoot properly. Believe me. Unless you're sniping, there's no need for you to play at that sensitivity.

StayStatic2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

I'd love to see you hit the 3 same targets over and over with that senstivity. If you can't recerate roughly the same shot accurately then whats the point.