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GUFUyourself Writes - "Five years ago the original Gears of War released to commercial and critical success. It was a game that tasked the player with shooting through hordes of enemies in a game world known as Sera where humanity was pretty much screwed. That game would go on to become the blue print of how a cover-based third person shooter was supposed to work. It’s been 5 years since and the third game in the series portrays a game world where humanity is still quite screwed. You still shoot your way through hordes of enemies while taking cover, and what was once the trendsetter is now just more of the trend."

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Tarantino_Life2612d ago

Oh no a microsoft exclusive gets less then 9. In come the M$ fanboys shouting Bias!!

Belasco2612d ago

Nope, that job is for Sony fanboys, nice try though. Good score btw.

Perjoss2612d ago

So much obsession over exclusives, the real games this year have been multi platform, Batman, Skyrim, Battlefield, Dark Souls, Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, LA Noire, Portal 2 to name just a few. Exclusives make up such a small percentage of gaming, they are almost not even worth mentioning, just nice little bonuses.

death2smoochie2612d ago

Tarantino...methinks you are mistaken...That would be Sony fanboys crying when Uncharted 3 only gets a 9/10...

MizTv2612d ago

loved 1 hated 2 havnt got 3 yet.2 made me hate gears so much.ill gat 3 at some point

RavensmashSK2612d ago

Gears 3 is a lot better than 2.

If you have the money spare then it's worth a pick up :]

level 3602612d ago

The 3rd installment is impressively seamless, same intuitive control lay-out.
Absolutely staggering game play.. only thing that bugged me was the story plot about Marcus' father in Gears 2 didn't sort of lived up to my expectation on Gears 3.