HonestGamers Retrospective // Lost Odyssey

In over 1,000 years, he's seen people and kingdoms come and go and has had to find his own way to cope with being seemingly the only constant in a life where everything else is temporary. For much of his existence on this world, Kaim has alternated between traveling and serving as a mercenary — his life a nomadic existence where war is the only constant. No wonder he comes off as cold and antisocial.

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phantomexe2518d ago

I'd love to get this game on the PS3 but i know its never going happen. It's hard to beleave the game didn't sell that well on the xbox a buddy of mine got it day one and it was packed for it. Great game.

SolidMel2517d ago

Tis a great game and will have to play through this some more. Sad that I kind of stopped on the first disc and now will have to start over. Though oh well I'd buy another just to play this through.

blammo172517d ago

Great game!!!!!
I have been hoping for a sequel announcement to no avail.

One of the best jrpg this gen- come on Microsoft, get yer head outta cod/gow/halo's ass and get this going!!!

baodeus2517d ago

the one thing i hate about MS is that if a game doesn't sell well (like millions and up), they have less tendency to make another one. Couple of great games include, Lost Odyssey, phantom Dust, may be even Alan Wake, not sure.

Lost Odyssey is still the best JRPG this gen for me. Great game.