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Serious Sam 3: BFE is good at one thing. In its ten-hour single-player campaign, it puts you into a variety of huge, well-designed levels, and shooting your way through the massive groups of enemies is a joy. You won't care about the story behind everything. You won't even bother to learn anything about the enemies except the threats they pose to you: there are the guys who run up to you and explode, the guys who shoot at you in slow motion, the guys who run up to you and lunge, and so on.

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admiralthrawn872520d ago

this game is badass. don't trust the reviewers on this one.

indie games tend to not get free passes. this game is criticized for urban broken down environments? and what COD and battlefield game was anything but that?

StayStatic2520d ago



If SS3 is a 3.5 then cod is surly a 1.5.

NetworkMonkey2520d ago

Good review, kind of what I expected. Games have evolved for a reason, but it's nice to be reminded of what games were like in simpler times.