All Nintendo Wii Launch Details

Check out everything announced about the Nintendo Wii launch! Including: Games, Launch Titles, Package Contents, Channels, and more!

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dikturbo5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

This has to be the strongest console launch ever by any console. Look at the list of games and the definite support from virtually every 3rd party developer/publisher. It also appears as though they will have sufficient inventory to carry them through the Xmas season. I know that MS has spent a lot of time praising Nintendo for their innovation but that's what you do. Speaking negatively about your competitor is simply bad business (ahem SONY). MS is crapping their pants as much as SONY is about this console. Nintendo got their @ss kicked last round and clearly did their homework on this machine.

I was a die hard SEGA man and hated Nintendo (too childish) but being fully b/c with the old GC games, relatively inexpensive, Virtual Console and innovative gameplay, this machine is a 'must have' and could realisticly take the #1 position for next gen consoles.

I can't believe that it took a Nintendo machine to get me excited about playing games again. There will be one in my house. Guaranteed.

ChickeyCantor5858d ago

you cant hate one of them!!
both wur facking great :D

but this is al true...nintendo stated it self!

Sphinx5858d ago

...just as excited as you are, dikturbo!

wakkiwakko5857d ago

hahah yeees! Shame I can't buy one at launch :(

linkrocks75857d ago

anybody know how to get them?also will there be games from dreamcast{POWERSTONE!}

wakkiwakko5857d ago

How do you get points on market place for xbl? I think it's a simmilar idea. I don't know how market place works. :(

The Snake5857d ago

Either pay with a credit card on marketplace or buy a prepaid card from a retailer.