Battlefield 3 Guns To Be Tweaked More Like Bad Company 2

"Today, Alan Kertz, the core gameplay designer on Battlefield 3, made the comment that he is in the process of working on improving the way semi-automatic weapons fire in Battlefield 3."

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cyborg69712518d ago

Just fix the party system and chat. Work on the servers and sound. Screw these weapon tweeks.

Spitfire_Riggz2518d ago

I think they are talking about a very important issue. Has anyone else experienced burst fire issues? Like when it jams for some reason?? Very annoying

In bad company 2 the An Akaban (burst) was my favorite weapon, I hate it in B3. It makes me scared for when the Famas comes out =(

Edgeofglory2518d ago

I have noticed that it takes more bullets to kill someone if they start shooting you first, almost like the game will not allow a double death and it gives precedent to the guy who shoots first, nobody has noticed this so might just be me but the same thing happens in cod games.

Pandamobile2518d ago

If you get shot at first, then you're probably being suppressed and will make your aim less accurate.

rattletop2518d ago

all the weapons tweaks mean nothing to me cos often i can't see the damn hope dice fix that first

KontryBoy7062517d ago

i'm curious, what do you mean can't see the weapon?

rattletop2517d ago

mostly in mid range pc the crosshairs and weapons and sometimes the character disappear or remains still. u will feel like having an out-of-body experience when u and u will have to point to the sky to make it reappear. look at these vids
there r few more in the related videos for these. and this happens only in MP. even on low settings.

Rearden2518d ago

Misleading title, it's only some guns that are in question.

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The story is too old to be commented.