Where Will Metal Gear Go Next?

Metal Gear Solid 4 effectively tied up the series. So what will Metal Gear 5 be?

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Wintersun6162571d ago

I hope they make a prequel and tell us something "new" about the early days of The Boss and Big Boss. I'll settle with what happened to Raiden in between of MGS2 & MGS4 too though (unless that's what Rising is about, is it?).

n4gisatroll2571d ago

I thought it was pretty much known by now, its not even in development right now? Either way, mgs5 should just be metal gear, and the start of a new series in this franchise. Not really like a reboot, but maybe a new universe and character.

Ducky2571d ago

If it's a new universe and character, then might as well make it a new IP.

n4gisatroll2571d ago

Not necessarily, it can have the same gameplay, and same type of story, but not fit in the same timeline as what we know mgs is. Kind of like Silent Hill, and we all know how much konami loves putting their big names on games, whether it has anything to do with the franchise's timeline or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.