Army Corps of Hell Rated By ESRB

PlayStation Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell was unveiled back at the Tokyo Game Show earlier in the year, but little was shown about the Overlord-style game other than a short reveal trailer. Luckily, the ESRB has let slip a few new details about the game, and about what cruel things you can do to your poor minions. - PSLS

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LostTokens2517d ago

Sounds like a happy and violent romp. I wouldn't mind a play. :-D

TerminalGamer2517d ago

So many titles for this console.

ftwrthtx2517d ago

The Vita will have so many titles, you would think it had been out for 6 months at launch.

stormeagle62516d ago

Sounds like GoW or Dante's Inferno, but play as a demon.