"Fans say ‘I want something new,’ but clearly they want the same thing with less suck."

Brian Crecente: The lead designer behind The Elder Scrolls III and IV, the creator of Morrowind and Oblivion wants nothing to do with the latest entry in the storied franchise.

At least not yet.

Ken Rolston is saving The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for a moment when he has the time to play it the way he wants to, to meticulously pick through it and enjoy it, but probably never finish it.

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burgerman2518d ago

Then stop sucking and making buggy games.

DigitalAnalog2518d ago

And then you'll realize he was the lead designer for the LAST TWO games and is now working on a different title called "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" that has nothing to do with Bethesda.

At all........

burgerman2518d ago

You got all of that information out of me from one sentence? Are you trying to say Morrowind and Oblivion weren't buggy?

1. I read the article.
2. I realized he was the lead designer.
3. I realized he's working on another game that has nothing to do with Bethesda.

Maybe if he was a programmer or tester then you would have something.

Tony P2518d ago

Actually, if he was a programmer or tester YOU would have something.

Montrealien2517d ago

Morrowin and Oblivion heck Arena and even Uncharted 3 all had weird bugs, the Elder Scrolls series more then any other one for sure, but at the scope those games take, it is a tad forgivable.

With that said, you trolling people who like the Elder Scrolls series on the buggy factor, is the very definition of fail on n4g. Then again,that is not new here.

Tony P2518d ago


And yet nine agrees.

Thus once again proving, it's not about whether you're right or wrong, but about how many suckers you can get to support you.

Hicken2518d ago

Actually, I DO want something new. But I don't mind if, in the meanwhile, I get something not quite as new that doesn't suck. And my new stuff damn well better not suck, either!

MizTv2518d ago

just give me 4 with trophys and ill b very happy. 5 is real good but will never b better than 4 to me

kevnb2518d ago

Its true, forums goers like to use buzz words that reviewers use, but they are talking out their backside.

isarai2518d ago

how do you know if you never gave us something new?