10 Things I Hate About Skyrim

Tim Rogers: Do I hate Skyrim? Do I despise it? Do I think it's stupid and boring? Maybe I do! And maybe I don't. I will go ahead and suppose that I do.

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The Meerkat2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I hate how once a day you are teleported to a strange futuristic place where people can't use magic yet carriages move without horses. Where carrying a sword in public is frowned upon. A racsist place where Argonians and Khajiit are absent. Where questing is replaced by a tedious system called work. And no saves are allowed for 8-9 hours.

I hope Elder Scrolls 6 addresses this problem.

Pikajew2572d ago

If you can find a lot of stuff bad with a game it should get a perfect score

Lavalamp2572d ago

This is actually the shortest Tim Rogers piece I've ever read.

Too_many_games2572d ago

i have it on PS3 and not having in game custom music is a major fail. The Story is horrible, the combat is the SAME as Oblivion, the level up system is the SAME as Oblivion except you do not have to sleep to level up (plus stupid perks)

If i wanted to play a game LIKE Oblivion then i would play OBLIVION. i would give the game 7/10 because its still awesome, just not what i was expecting

Alos882572d ago

Tim Rogers, the man who can say a thousand things and nothing at all at the same time.

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