DC Universe: Best game On The PSN?

GamerFitNation's Rigo asks readers is DC Universe the Best Game on the PSN? "DC Universe Online is an action based MMO that was recently officially released through Sony. The game is currently available on PC and PS3 through the Playstation store. The game offers a fast paced action style fighting thats great for any age. It has amazing graphics and a great physics engine. Now here is the craziest part of it all... It's free to try! That's right, it's free to try out on PC and PS3."

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buddymagoo2616d ago

This has been very under rated and terribly overlooked. A great console MMORPG.

WildArmed2616d ago


It's hard to get games like flOwer, Limbo, Braid outta my head ^^

disturbing_flame2616d ago

Actually if you buy a PS3 for Black Friday you have DC Universe free with it. xD

And it's not a cheap game, it's a triple A MMOgame.

Pretty cool, and yes indeed very underated game.

HeavenlySnipes2616d ago

realization. Its a free PSN game. To answer the question, yes, yes it is.

twdll2616d ago

I cant get past some of the major issues the game has. Good game but not the best PSN has. Even though it is FREE.

FlareDReborn2616d ago

Its the best free game on PSN.

Fylus2616d ago

Agreed. Best FREE game on PSN. I mean, I've already gotten a good 30+ hours of entertainment out of it free of charge. The only cost was a long wait for the game to download but the time lost was quickly regained from playing.

Hicken2616d ago

With Flower around, I'll have to say it will always be second, but it IS loads of fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.