Starbreeze Interview : Syndicate Co-op To Have Stand Alone Story writes "Syndicate is getting a reboot early next year in the form of a first person shooter which led to many questions so we decided to take some time out and talk to Starbreeze the studio behind the new reimagining to see what’s in store"

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BoneIdle2608d ago

I like the idea of a decent 4 player co-op over a half arsed multiplayer mode getting tagged on i must admit.

sonicsidewinder2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

That kind of thing is a great plus. For me, Chaos Theory is the best splinter cell game cus it had fully featured modes for Singleplayer, Co-op and Multiplayer. It's how it should be!

Not have half of it pawned off as DLC later on.

Still, I don't like the look of Syndicate.