Rumour: Next Treyarch COD ‘a direct sequel to Black Ops’

In its latest ‘Rumour Machine’ column, Official PlayStation Magazine UK claims Treyarch is developing a second Call of Duty: Black Ops title.

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kharma454583d ago

Part of me wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to it, quite enjoyed Black Ops as it was a nice change of environment from WW2 and the Modern Warfare settings.

mjolliffe4583d ago

It was a nice change, but I personally would like to see a World at War sequel. That was a brilliant COD title.

Cosmo8114582d ago

Worst of the entire series..

Getowned4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

why do some people hate W@W,W@W zombies which are 70% better then black ops zombies,der rise is bad @SS on [email protected] liked W@W more then MW2 and I like Black Ops more then MW3.I wouldn't mind at all if I had another WW2 games from treyarch with the game play of [email protected] me crazy but I would be up for some W@W right now.It would also be cool to play as the english and canadians in WW2 which played a bigger part in the war not that the Americans weren't important but theres so much more story to tell and we have almost heard all of the American storys by now.

mjolliffe4583d ago

Lot of people saying that. Maybe they should make a separate franchise for that. Call of Duty's unrealistic enough as it is. :P

ZippyZapper4582d ago

Dead Island or Left 4 Dead

enfestid4583d ago

Agreed. I know the story was cliche, but it was still great.

slavish4583d ago

too much modern shorters i had to pass on black ops and mw3.

Stewie2k84583d ago

I feel like a partly Futuristic shooter actually. but not all laser rifles and stuff :p

Veni Vidi Vici4583d ago

Totally agree. BO is pretty much just like MW in terms of guns and tech so I don't see much difference.

Having the next COD set in the future would allow the creators to be *gasp* CREATIVE. What a concept to a COD game. Creativity.

Having said that, since creativity would be needed, we can pretty much guarantee that the next COD WON'T be set in the future. I really don't understand why game creators don't do many futuristic shooters.

MrBeatdown4583d ago

I'd love a futuristic take on the series. I think that's actually what Infinity Ward will do next, hopefully as the first next-gen CoD. I think those two things would go a long way towards answering the complaints about the aging engine and how similar it feels to past MW games.

Relientk774583d ago

Heh. Modern shorters lol

I think u mean shooters

bergoo4583d ago

They need to go back to WWII

ThatIrishGamer4583d ago


Even more hideously disgusting old weapons, awful sound design, crap graphics, 2 months of connection problems, bland environments, grey and brown screen filters, very unnatural lighting effects, and yet another Treyarch game where they're afraid to do something that isn't predictably - OLD.

enfestid4583d ago

Seriously? Black Ops advanced Call of Duty (particularly the multiplayer) more than Modern Warfare 2 or 3 did. I would have agreed with your assessment of Treyarch prior to Black Ops, but they did a good job on that one.

FlashXIII4583d ago

Advancement in a call of duty game is hardly anything to shout home about seeing how very little changes each year however I do agree that overall Black Ops gameplay wise was far more solid. Sadly they all ruined that in a patch increasing firing rate/lowering health so people dropped like they do in MW2/3 which imho ruined the game.

irepbtown4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Split screen online was something brilliant they added along with Theatre mode. But graphics wise, sound wise, lighting wise it was no different than MW2. If anything slightly worse.

I do like the Black Ops campaign, was thoroughly entertaining, set aside the graphics. Zombies was hours of fun. It isn't a 'horrible' game, it just isn't a good one. Campaign and Zombies literally save the game.

I am looking forward to this, HOPEFULLY a new engine. Something Activision really need to try and make.

CaptainSheep4583d ago

I don't think Black Ops had disgusting old weapons.. Black Ops' weapons were pretty cool, imo. I dunno why, but I enjoyed BO a lot. It's MP pace was just awesome.

BuffMordecai4583d ago

Black Ops had a lot more color than MW3, that game looked all washed out.

ASTAROTH4583d ago

OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
BO 2!!!!!!!!!!!!... then MW4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Then BO3!!!!!!!!!!!! ... then MW5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Then BO4!!!!!!!!!!!!!... then I dont give a FK!!!!!!!!!!!

pedo_across-the-road4583d ago

OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
medal of honor 2!!!!!!!!!!!!... then battlefield bad company 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... medal of honor 3!!!!!!!!!!!! ... then battlefield 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Grip4583d ago

they r not yearly and every one knows there will be COD next year. but not MOH(that game sucks) or BF. so don't makes thought from ur hole

ThatIrishGamer4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

@Grip . . .there has been a Medal of Honor or Battlefield game (i.e. a DICE game) out just as much as CoD lol.

2002: Battlefield 1942
2003: Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
2004: Battlefield Vietnam
2005: Battlefield 2
2006: Battlefield 2 Expansions and Battlefield 2142
2007: Battlefield: Northern Strike
2008: Battlefield: Bad Company
2009: Battlefield: 1943
2010: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 + Medal Of Honor
2011: Battlefield 3.

Shackdaddy8364583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Nobody mentioned BF or MoH.

Plus MoH and BF are two completely different franchises(3 if you count BC separate from BF). CoD is just one franchise released every yar.

@Grip - MoH confirmed for next year and it does not suck.

ASTAROTH4583d ago

Welcome the CALL OF DUTY FANBOYS please... LOL.

Anyway Im tired of the military based (real military) FPS. I passed on BF3 and MW3 and I dont care about any of these games... Its my opinion and in no way I wanted to hurt the kids feelings... SORRY!