Pro Gamer Chris "Huk" Loranger Isn't Impressed With Blizzard's StarCraft II Expansion

With the 2011 Major League Gaming season officially in the books, one of the world’s best StarCraft II players looks ahead. Sponsored by SteelSeries, which recently announced a sponsorship deal with MLG, Chris “Huk” Loranger plays for Team Liquid. The Canadian StarCraft II Protoss player talks about the rise of eSports and why he isn’t impressed with Blizzard’s upcoming StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm in this exclusive interview.

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ATi_Elite2572d ago

well you can't please everybody.......but I'm sure the other 10 million people will like it.

Mystery2572d ago

Huk doesn't play for Team Liquid. He plays for Evil Geniuses.

Mikeyy2572d ago

Its because he's protoss. Terran and zerg are loving it.