Addicted-Gamers: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations PS3 Review

It’s doubtful that anyone could have predicted the magnitude of success that the Assassin’s Creed brand has had within the industry. The franchise has expelled several iterations and has spawned into other mediums such as novels and clothing. Within a 5 year period the series has earned recognition, praise and evolved into its own unique identity and gaming icon. It is most definitely not a force to be reckoned with and is easily one of the greatest franchises to be conceived this console generation. Can the series pull it off again?

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castratedhorse2514d ago

ACR demonstrates terrible Frame rates. I have from the onset witnessed terrible FPS drops whilst on the 1080i.Changing to 720 didn't help either as the fps inconsistency continued/ I suspected the problem may have been the disc or ps3 fatigue but the issue is widespread amongst other users. Just as with Skyrim it seems these latest games are not properly tested, maybe they are too powerful for console mechanics, apathy at the top, but whatever the problem be, Ubisoft needs to release a fix as nothing else seems to work.Also I doubt the issue is Hard drive related and this lag is concentrated on ACR.